Fasten your seat belts for Halloween Movies

Paranormal Activity

This was the most successful project after the Blair Witch project. The story is similar to the Blair project in many respects apart from the fact that it is a good horror movie. It is about a family living in a house that is apparently haunted by evil spirits. The shooting of this movie is not dissimilar to the Blair witch project. If you stood through the emotional turmoil that Blair witch comes with then it is perhaps time you climbed a notch higher. It is a terrific movie you definitely want to watch during this Halloween. Paranormal Activity was so popular that it led to the birth of its sequel; Paranormal Activity 2.

Get to relish the horror in The Shining

The movie by Stephen king is a good watch for Halloween

Jack Nicholson plays out his role here in a superb fashion. A story is told of a man, wife and kid who set out and moved into a resort closed for winter. Whereas the presumption was that it would turn out to be a fun trip; the father pulls a shocker when he loses his mind and wants to kill his wife and child. I t is regarded as one of King’s best releases. It is a psychological thriller with unexpected twists; just perfect for a horror particularly over Halloween. The shining will blaze excitement in horror movie enthusiasts for a long time to come and jack Nicholson is just the man to rub in the horror for you. It is one of his finest roles in his movie career.

What’s in a name: Halloween?

It would be an incomplete review of Halloween worthy movies if we close the listing without a mention of the movie that captures the theme of this article in summary. Halloween is the name of the horror thriller that you must include on your menu during the…Yes you got it right; Halloween season. Psycho child escapes from a mental asylum and embarks on a destructive mission up and around Halloween. The movie is directed by John Carpenter and stars Jamie lee Curtis…Halloween perfectly compares with any other older classic. It was so good that it actually spawned a sequel directed by Zombie. The sequel is known as Halloween Remake. It is hailed to be as good as the original. Halloween remake is a good movie particularly for those who have an unwaning bias for modern movies. If you prefer the classical presentations then you should look out for the classic Halloween. However to insinuate that these are the only two possibilities left for movie lovers in as far as Halloween is concerned would be skewed. There of course exists the third side of the coin. You can indeed decide to go for the duo. Although they appear to be two versions of the same movie, the thrill remains in the unique presentations of the two. Indeed, if you let your mind glide off in a free spirit fashion, you could even think they are very different albeit for a moment. This could be where your thrill lies.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This is an old movie on the block. Of the old scary movies, this probably did the trick. At a younger age, it is probably the worst experience a youngster can ever be subjected to. A group of maniacs go preying on their unsuspecting friends and strangers alike. It was first seen in 1975 but it is still very portent and intriguing. A couple of friends pay a visit to an old family house. To their horror, they are set upon by the preying and predictive lot of family members. The instrument of the execution of the murderous act is the chainsaw. One good turn deserves another. This is all one can say with movies that have sequels and remakes. It has its remake version by Platinum Dunes. Uncharacteristically the remake is also worth your while.

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