Fast food summer delights

Summer brings out the wannabe cook in all of us, from barbecues to eating al fresco. Sometimes however we get the yearning for greasy burgers and just have to get in the car, drive to the nearest fast food restaurant and order our favourite from the plastic boards at the front of the entrance.

Yet for others, fast food has never really held much appeal, that is until the Summer Menu comes into force and then we sit up and take notice. That once tasteless burger with the yellow mustard and square pieces of onion has suddenly transformed into a thing of culinary beauty.

Ciabiatta buns hold salad leaves from far off exotic countries, nestling a flame grilled, mouth-watering 100% steak burger, tenderly placed with plum tomatoes and finished with a complimentary sauce, how can we possibly resist the call? With McDonalds, KFC and Burger all vying for top spot in the fast food industry, we take at look at the best this summer has to offer.

'Miami Melt from McDonald fast food

McDonalds has a whole range of summer delights, starting with the ‘Great Tastes of America‘. A new burger for each week, each inspired by the states of the USA.

This week we have the ‘Miami Melt’, designed to encapsulate the sunshine state, the Miami Melt delivers a 100% beef burger with streaky bacon, cheese slices, onions and lettuce, added cheese sauce and pack it into a chilli, chive and sesame topped bun.

Very cheesy and absolutely delicious. And don’t forget their Oreo McFlurry. Beautifully creamy and full of chocolatey Oreo crumbled cookies. Look out for their next trip around the states coming to a McDonald’s near you.

 KFC Chicken Brazer

If I’m super hungry I always head for a KFC don’t you? I think their chips are far superior to the main fast food outlets and the combination of highly seasoned chicken skin seems to just hit a spot with me.

I’ve always wondered though, why they never produced a flame grilled version of their chicken, but now they have put me out of my misery. Image my delight when I saw the adverts for the KFC Chicken Brazer.

A more healthy version of their usual chicken burgers, the Brazer is available in a ciabatta bun, a salad or tortilla style wrap and contains fewer calories, salt and sugar than their Zinger burger. The freshly griddled chicken is accompanied by the standard iceberg lettuce and tomato, slice of cheese and pepper mayo. It’s nice but why do they have to put cheese on everything?

Garden Salad from burger king

Talking of chicken, BurgerKing Fast food have launched their Garden Salad range, which features a Flame Grilled Chicken Salad, complete with crisp mixed leaf lettuce, juicy cherry tomatoes, crunchy carrot and tender pieces of chicken, available in an array of different dressings.

The one thing you can be sure about with BurgerKing is that they do actually griddle their chicken, a question that has been asked of the KFC Brazer.

Customers, on seeing that advert which focuses on the ‘sizzle’, report hearing no such sound emanating from the restaurant and deduce that perhaps the chicken has been microwaved. You’ll have to see for yourselves. I couldn’t possibly comment.

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