Fashion shopping on smartphones: What retailers need to know


Fashion lovers are now using their smartphones more and more when it comes to shopping, as it is the perfect way to browse and buy. But are retailers maximising this growing trend efficiently?

To be able to target the right brands to the right people at the right time, retailers need to have the right information, for example, who is shopping, when are they shopping, where from and what are they buying. Once brands have this data they can then target customers with media campaigns suited to their preferences.

But don’t most retailers rely on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest? Recent research suggests that customers are moving away from these sites and heading back to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s also interesting to know that out of all age groups and demographics, women aged 25-44, who earn £40,000+ are the most frequent users of fashion retail sites on their smartphones. And you can expect the most activity on retail sites and apps on Friday lunchtimes and Sunday afternoons. Important information for retailers when considering ad campaigns or sales events.

There’s no doubt that smartphones are changing the way consumers behave, but they are also providing a wealth of information that retailers can use for their benefit. Retailers can build a picture of how thousands of shoppers behave on their smartphones, and then segment them to provide targeted and relevant offers.

Customers can also be identified into different ages, incomes, or regions and campaigns can be devised especially for these groups of people. The beauty of using the data that smartphones provide is that you get very fast, real-time views of your customers, prospects and markets that allows you to quickly identify and act on any new emerging trends as they appear.

So how do you get that data and who should you use?

GfK Mobile Insights is an ‘innovative business intelligence solution that integrates information from two powerful sources – Big Data usage metrics from mobile operators, and our own curated consumer data’.

There are other market research experts about, but the difference with Mobile Insights is that they have proprietary access to the largest mobile subscriber sample size in the industry. Plus they have top level experience in marketing science. This means that they can not only track the largest samples of mobile users in the UK every day, but they can do this with amazing speed and accuracy.

So if you are looking for unparalleled access to customer data, including industry knowledge, services and tools, check out GFK.com

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