Fancy Keira Knightly’s London pad? It’s yours for £3million

One of the best things I think about buying or renting a new house, is having a sneaky peak around someone else’s pad. And when that someone else is none other than Hollywood movie star Keira Knightly, it’s enough to get us scraping our penny jars to come up with the mortgage. But that’s where the fantasy stops for the majority of us, as the skinny minnie co-star of blockbuster films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and Bend it Like Beckham, has put her London townhouse up for £3 million.


The house is situated in East London, and has four bedrooms, one of which strangely has a stand-alone blue bath-tub in the corner. The 28 year-old actress shared the house with her musician husband James Righton, but neighbours have reported a distinct lack of spotting the couple in recent times, prompting the notion that the pair are never in that area and that’s the reason why they decided to sell up.


The townhouse has six storeys and will retain all the original furnishings, giving any potential buyer an intimate glimpse of the couples’ day to day lifestyle. The house is available to buy through the Davey Stone Estate Agents.


The agents describe the townhouse as an ‘elegantly decorated piece of history which has been lovingly renovated over recent years’. They go on to say that the house is situated in a quiet area of Spitalfields in East London, with ‘uninterrupted views of Christ Church’ and yet within a small proximity of the fashionable quarter of East London.


The floor space reaches over 3200 sq. ft., and there are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and five reception rooms. There is also a small patio area which is accessed via a passage.


The house was previously owned by another UK actress, Samantha Morton, and it is believed that Ms Knightley bought the property from her for around £2.4 million. Which means of course that in less than a year, if she manages to sell the place for her asking price, the canny actress would have made a cool £600,000 profit on the Georgian property.


There were rumors that she was going to gift the townhouse to her brother Caleb, but she has obviously had a change of heart.

For the lucky buyer, they’ll also own furnishings inside the house, including artwork, sofas and period pieces.

And as a nod to the actress’s successful career in the movies, the house also features a converted coal store, now a home cinema, where the couple no doubt watched a whole host of Keira films.


Of course, anyone that buys the house will have to fit into the neighborhood of celebrities, as Spitalfields is being described as an ‘up and coming Notting Hill’. But one neighbor who wasn’t a celeb said: “It is a beautiful street, all the buildings are so old and deceptively big inside. The last house which was sold here went for a couple of million.” So you should be ok!

*Featured image of Keira Knightley & James Righton courtesy Jaclyn Diva/Flickr

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