Families – do they help us be healthy, or hinder our chances?

Everyone knows it- families can be the bain of our lives sometimes, but they can also be our rock in hard times. But how do you view your family? Do you think having a strong family support network helps your stress level stay low, and helps you to therefore be healthier, or do you often think you’d be better without them?

Our families are of course a group of people whom we have had no say about being friends with, yet they’ll always be in our lives and always be connected to us. For some, their family is all they need in life to live, be successful, and consequently be healthy and happy. However, others are ‘blessed’ with families that cause more trouble than happiness, therefore resulting in added stress that isn’t needed in what could quite easily be classed as an already very stressful life.

In times of need and struggle, often it is our families who are first to help, and our families who provide us the various different types of support we need, such as emotional, psychological and financial. It’s normally our families who will help us to look after the kids in a marriage break up, and our families who will take us out to cheer us up when we’re feeling down. But with this comes a group of people we can never really distance ourselves from, with some viewing them as people they are simply ‘stuck with’.

The resulting factor of this is that all of the families’ problems become each others, with everyone trying to have a say in the matter, everyone voicing contrasting opinions, and the individuals involved in the matter in hand feeling like they don’t know where to turn. This therefore brings me to the question of whether we are better with or without them, and whether our lives would be a little less stress-free if we only had one or two people voicing their opinions about our problems, and only had our own problems to deal with in the first place.

I guess that the quote ‘family are the friends we chose for ourselves’ is right on a good day, but on a bad day it couldn’t be further from the truth. If families didn’t exist there would probably be a lot more arguments all round, and the world may be somewhat of a stress-free place- with a bit of luck, of course.

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