Fall/Winter Fashion Trends According to Old Navy

If you live in the north or northeast parts of the US, you will have noticed that the weather has begun to cool down. Luckily for us, the season’s trends have just begun to do the opposite. Several of the major styles are layering up for a classy and swanky look.

Outerwear is no longer just a focal point- comfortable knit tops and jersey are stepping up to the plate as well. Not ready to toss that beloved graphic tee into the ‘summer-no-more’ abyss? You don’t have to! Take your great personal style with you as the snow starts to form with a few key pieces from Old Navy. The fall line reeks with ease and attractiveness, with a little something for both men and women to cling to.


Layer it on, girl- Pair a tank, collared shirt and thick sweater underneath a vest, or a cable sweater (pictured) over your favorite tee. Stripes are also in season, so feel free to color coordinate as you please (price: $45).

Warm up with a Coat– Stop the cold in its tracks with a comfy jacket. Choose from various styles and colors to fit your unique sense. Opt for a more form-fitting coat if you have a tiny waist that you’d like to accentuate. Accessorize with a pair of leather gloves, a fun scarf, or skullcap (price: $29+).


Stack it, man– Layers don’t just keep you warm, and this isn’t just a ‘girls’ thing. To stay handsome and stylish this fall, try fraternizing a few textures by wearing a button-up shirt on top of a tee, then cap it all off with a cardigan (pictured). Plaid is lining the season, but you don’t want to go overboard. Ideally, choose one item- a shirt or a jacket for instance- as the main focal point and work off of the darkest color in the pattern to coordinate your ensemble (price: $29.94 and up).

Just Relax– You may opt for that baggy, loose street-style but you will find that taking a more broken-in (broken-in khakis pictured) approach to tailoring can really pay off with the ladies. This is not the popular slim cut, however. This style still allows you a little breathing room and flexibility between yourself and the clothing, especially around your hips and thighs (price: $29.50).

Seeing as these trousers are not meant to flatter your feminine curves like a pair of leggings, just to mention an example, I suggest you wear them with a more tight-fitting top, perhaps in a dark color, so that the upper part of your body will look slimmer, in comparison with your hips and legs. At such reasonable prices, it’s easy to see why Old Navy is one of the world’s most renowned brands. To check out any of the styles you’ve seen here and to shop for similar items, visit oldnavy.com or locate a store near you. You may also find some great gift ideas that your loved ones will no doubt appreciate.

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