Fake Tan Tights Prove to be Best Seller at Tights Please!

Skin KissHere at Shoppersbase, we recently informed you about a revolutionary tanning product, new to the market and sold exclusively at tightsplease.co.uk but, we have to report that the Skinkiss Fake Tan tights are now sweeping the nation and are currently the bestselling product for the hosiery site.

These innovative fake tan tights have been featured in many press and media releases and as such, demand for them has soared. It appears that the old methods of applying fake tan are becoming defunct as now the simplest and easiest way to get perfectly bronzed legs is to slip on a pair of tights. We here at Shoppersbase were a tad dubious at first to see if this product would take off, but clearly we have been proved wrong so what is the attraction?

Well, with standard tanning products there is the chance that the tan itself may go onto clothes, furniture, and you have to stand quite stilll and are not able to do anything whilst the tan is forming. However, with the Skin Kiss tights, all you have to do is slip on a pair and the hosiery does the rest.

Just walking around in a pair of tights impregnated with tanning treatment for only 10 minutes provides that desired ‘skin kiss’ tan. Plus, using fake tan tights removes the need to rub in lotions, minimising the risk of patchy ankles and an uneven tan. Skin Kiss tights have been hailed as the quick and easy, no mess route to gorgeous tanned legs. And its best feature is that the tan doesn’t slow down once the sun kiss brown appears! So how do they work?

Microfibres in the tights are impregnated with tanning solution and when these microfibres come into contact with skin the tanning agent starts to develop, leaving the legs perfectly tanned. The perfect balance of DHA, Aloa, Erythrulose and other proprietary ingredients combine to leave a smooth and even long-lasting tan.

And don’t forget that Skin Kiss are the company that brought us the revolutionary Caffeine tights which are impregnated with microcapsules of caffeine, which helps to break down cellulite. Tests showed that when the tights are worn for as little as 10 minutes, the caffeine is released from the microcapsules into the skin where it starts to break down the cellulite.

Many individuals who wore the tights daily for a three-week period saw a benefit of a 2cm reduction on each thigh which is absolutely amazing. Plus the skin also appears smoother and softer to the touch. You can buy these tights in packs of three for £25.48.

We at Shoppersbase would love to hear from you if you have bought a pair of these tights and what you think of them. Do your thing in the box below:

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