Facebook users describe new Couples page as ‘creepy’ & ‘stupid’

Facebook has come under attack for its new special ‘Couples’ pages, designed especially for people in relationships or who are married. The new friendship pages come with pictures and posts telling other users what the couple have been up to since the start of their relationship. But some Facebook users are not happy that these pages have been created, without their consent, and are taking to Twitter to voice their anger and concern.

It appears that the main outrage is that no one who is in a relationship or married, and has had one of these special pages created for them, was actually asked whether they wanted to have a page, dedicated to their relationship or not. And as these pages have literally just sprung up over night, it seems that Facebook have rolled out this new function without any permission from the people involved.

So from now on, anyone who lists themselves as ‘in a relationship’ or ‘Married’ will find that this special ‘TimeLine’ dedicated and chronicling their love, can be accessed by all their other friends, even though the couples have had no say in what goes into the content. Some Twitter responses include: “Just found the completely unasked-for couples page that FB has created for me. Creepy and intrusive. just leave Facebook how it was.” Whilst another commented: “Hey, Facebook, my husband and I do not need a Facebook Couples page.” Other Facebook users describe the new pages as ‘creepy’ and ‘stupid’.

The ‘Friendship’ pages used to be an added option on the site, but the social network has suddenly made the function compulsory. And even though a Facebook engineer announced changes to the pages, there was no reason to believe that these pages would be compulsory or forced onto users who did not request them or ask for them.

And this is not the only new function that Facebook users are up in arms about as it seems that Facebook appears to be making a habit out of announcing changes that are proving to be unpopular with its users. Only this summer, Facebook made changes to its messaging system which showed other users that people had seen their messages, even if they had not replied. This change happened to be so unpopular that Facebook had to add a separate function in order for people to switch it off.

A poll has since found that only one month after the new Friendship pages were launched, 86 per cent of people hated the new changes, which is the equivalent of 688 million people.

Facebook announced the changes in this post: “Starting today, we’re introducing a new layout for friendship pages. Friendship pages combine posts, photos and events that you and another person have shared. Click the gear menu at the top of a friend’s TimeLine to see a friendship page. If you’ve listed yourself as ‘in a relationship’ with someone, you can also visit to see the friendship page you share with that person.”

Not everyone hates the new changes however, as one user reminded people that their pages were not ‘theirs’ to own, they belonged to Facebook.

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