Facebook ready to release it’s ‘At Work’ network in October

Facebook ready to release it’s ‘At Work’ network in October

If you have ever been tempted to take a sneaky peek at your Facebook messages whilst you are at work, and paid the price, from October you might not have to be so worried.

Facebook are launching a new network communication platform they are calling ‘At Work’, which is basically similar to their social network design, but intended for work practises.

The At Work network will look very much like the Facebook we know and love, but instead of social postings it will concentrate on news feeds, business communications and updates.

There will also be a Groups and Messenger feature that work in the same way as the social Facebook operates.

Facebook ready to release it’s ‘At Work’ network in October

Initially Facebook were going to offer the At Work platform for free, and only charge a premium rate for extra features. At the last minute however, a decision was made to charge a monthly flat fee to use all of the networking platform.

It is not sure how much this monthly premium will cost, but the At Work director Julien Codorniou, the man who is overseeing the platform, said that the decision was made to change the way people used and paid for the model based on the confidence that the platform “would get employees engaged.”

So what is different about the At Work platform and the usual Facebook page from a user’s point of view? Well, with the At Work platform you can create a totally separate profile that is purely dedicated to your work and allows you to talk and communicate with your colleagues wherever in the world they are.

Facebook ready to release it’s ‘At Work’ network in October

Other users can also join groups and message you regarding projects and keep you updated on important developments in the ‘Work Feed’. As with the social Facebook, you can create events and post updates on your wall to keep employers and employees informed.

At Work also includes ‘Work Chat’, which is an app that lets you communicate in several different ways. For instance you can email, text, send files and videos, chat with one person or a whole group and video chat.

Facebook are trying to dispel the notion that employees find the social media platform distracting in the workplace by coming up with a new workplace platform.

As one client put it:

“Facebook at Work lets our staff communicate, discuss and solve problems faster and more efficiently in a way that tools, such as email, simply can’t.”

Facebook was originally going to launch At Work at the end of 2015, but Codorniou told Business Insider that the launch date is “very close.”

Watch this space.

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