Is this the face of Apple’s new iWatch?

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive, after years of speculation, word on the street is that Apple are finally about to go into mass production in Taiwan for the much-awaited iWatch. But all is not what is seems, as some experts are predicting that the new iWatch will feature a round shaped face, as opposed to a slim band or square.

Mark Bell's concept of new Apple iWatch

Mark Bell’s concept of new Apple iWatch

It is also thought that the watch will come in several different sizes and include more than 10 health type sensors, which tie in with Apple’s new Health app. The app is designed to monitor a user’s health and fitness data, all in one place, as part of new operating system iOS 8.

It has taken a long time for Apple to move on the iWatch, as speculation began back in 2012 with a rumoured release date set for the end of 2013. Leaked information from Chinese websites reported that the new iWatch would use Bluetooth to communicate, and could also feature Siri controls, which would allow the users to talk to the watch, rather than type messages. There were also talks of having male and female versions of the watch.

Apple iWatch could have similar round face to Moto 360

Apple iWatch could have similar round face to Moto 360

However, the Financial Times stated that Apple was having problems with design problems with the iWatch and was in the process of engaging outsiders to help.

Now latest reports suggest that the iWatch is currently in a trial production at Quanta Computer Inc, a Taiwanese manufacturer, which is pre-empting a mass production date of July, with a possible launch date of October. It is thought that whilst Quanta will be the main manufacturer, Heptagon, a Singaporean sensor maker, will also supply parts.

Reports differ when it comes to how many watches Apple will produce, from 5 to 50 million, but as for features, it is expected that health will play a huge part of the devices capabilities.

Smart watches are gaining in popularity with consumers as part of a lifestyle and well being device, as users can now track and see their progress when it comes to fitness and healthy choices. Smart watches now have features that can collate data on user’s heart rates, steps walked, miles run etc, as well as the usual tasks such as delivering messages and making calls.

Another example of what the Apple iWatch could look like

Another example of what the Apple iWatch could look like

Some experts predict that Apple’s entry into the smart watch industry will be a game changer, much as their iPhone did back in 2007. Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight says: “The majority of devices currently in the market are little short of gadget junk. If Apple does deliver an iWatch or iBand, it will be hoping it ‎can have a similarly transformative impact on the category. Apple has a remarkable track record of being able to take an existing category and make it a mainstream phenomenon. It will be hoping it can once again work its magic in the wearables space and succeed where others have failed to make a sizeable impact.”

Others however, think that as the market gets saturated, the demand will fall off. In the meantime, the world waits in anticipation, for the release of yet another device that will no doubt prove to be a global hit.

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