Are your Eyebrows Ageing You?

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Eyebrows are often overlooked when it comes to make-up and the overall look of our face. But they are actually quite important. They frame our features, give definition to our eyes and if they don’t look right they can ruin even the most perfect of make-up.

They are also surprisingly important when it comes to ageing and how young we look.

“Good brows can transform your face,” says Nilam Holmes-Patel, who is renowned in the beauty industry as ‘the eyebrow queen’. “Over the past five years, women have been waking up to the fact they can knock years off their face if they get their brows right.”

“The biggest mistakes many make are over-plucking, over-arching or having brows in a shade that doesn’t complement their hair colour or complexion. But get it right and the difference they make is amazing.”

Nilam’s company, HD Brows (high definition), offers eyebrow treatment specifically tailored to each individual client.

The service will look at the client’s age, face shape, eyebrow shape, colouring and eye size before offering a solution which may include tinting, waxing and threading and advice on the art of applying make-up.

HD Brows is well known within celebrity circles and counts Amanda Holden, Christine Bleakley and Kylie Minogue as favoured celebrity clients.

Nilam uses a range of products that contain vitamin enriched serums or peptides that encourage growth.

To show how you can combat ageing eyebrows, Nilam has showcased the three most common reasons and her solutions:



© John Godwin

© John Godwin

The most common cause of eyebrows ageing your face is when they are sparse and threadbare. Thinning hair anywhere on your body will instantly age you and it is no different with eyebrows.

Nilam advises that ‘some people just have naturally thin brows and if you’re blonde, getting the shade right is a challenge. As a rule, blondes should aim for about two shades darker than their hair colour.’

If you have naturally thinning brows start by removing any stragglers by tweezing or threading. Then wax to remove any more stray hairs above and below the brow.

Now, using an HD Pro brow pencil (£18, hdbrows.com) draw in fake eyebrow hairs in all the areas where the brows are gappy or missing. The difference with this HD pencil is that it has a very fine tip.

Next use a medium-firm brow pencil to even out the colour, add thickness and definition.

The new brows can now be sealed with a clear gel, Brow Beater (£14.95).



© John Godwin

© John Godwin

If you over plucked on a regular basis when you were younger your eyebrows may now not grow back. This is the same as thinning brows, where the lack of hair will instantly age you.

As before, remove any fluff or straggler eyebrows by waxing or tweezing. Then draw in the finer hairs using the fine tipped HD Pro Pencil.

Now switch to a softer pencil to add an even colour which will also match the skin colour.



© John Godwin

© John Godwin

Even big brows can age your face, especially if they are unkempt and bushy with some grey hairs interspersed.

First pluck out the grey hairs and then apply a lifting cream which relaxes the texture of the brows and makes them softer and less coarse. This means they will lie flatter against the skin.

To warm the brows up a little you can also tint the brows which just takes away the ash grey colour of the brows.

The brows are then tidied up by tweezing and waxing.


For more information please visit HDBrows.com

Source: MailOnline

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