Expressing Your Personality in Your Interior Design

My husband is in his early 30’s, and I’ll be joining him within the next few months. Our home is a stylish combination of soothing colours and tasteful highlights, with shiny metal gadgets and gigantic HD televisions. We have mood lighting, dimmer switches, tasteful ways of hiding the children’s toys, and framed prints of paintings and photos of peaceful woods.

And taking pride of place in the living room is a framed, pointillist representation of Homer Simpson bearing a hilarious quote. On the living room door, quite inexplicably and out-of-place, but much beloved throughout the years, is a plastic Homer Simpson in his underpants. And the oscillating fan that sits atop my bureau bears a lush and hairy moustache, rejected by my son for its itchiness the year he went trick-or-treating dressed as Luigi.

We tried being adults about it. We tried the Ikea attack, we’re still discussing putting a large painting over the sofa, and we have a lot of grown-up gadgets and cleaning routines as well as a huge DVD and book collection and a variety of clever storage techniques. And we have Homer Simpson. We have a framed copy of a rare Transmetropolitan comic and, for better or worse, a Tank Girl one. The panda bear I was given the day I was born has a permanent spot on the headboard of our bed and sits peaceably next to a floral display.

It’s your house, and of course there is that strange, inexplicable temptation to make it into a show home. You’re showing whoever comes in that you are a professional, a grown-up, a Serious Human Being. And does that make you happy? Can that make you smile the way it makes me smile when I remember all the memories inherent in those knick-knacks, immature and out-of-place as they might seem?

Don’t let go of your personality when you decorate your home. You can integrate the things you love into the décor you want, even if those things may seem childish and strange, even unacceptable. Your home can be a reflection of how professional and how mature you can be, but at the end of the day it has to be, most of all, a reflection of you.

So whether it’s Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony or a beloved soft toy from when you were small, wear your colours with pride. Go out and buy the posters, the collectibles, the accessories you’ve been denying yourself. Integrate what you love into what you feel your home should look like. Your house is the one place where you can always be yourself and relax into the person you feel you are on the inside. Make it yours.

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