Experience Presents for Older Loved-Ones

Experience gifts have been rising in popularity and are a truly wonderful way to show someone you care. They can, in fact, be especially great for people who are nearing or in retirement, as many people at this life stage already have all the possessions they want. Experience gifts, however, offer not just a fun day out but a day’s worth of wonderful memories and are, as such, a fantastic thing to buy for the older people in your life.

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Dance lessons can be an ideal present for an older couple.

Many experience gift vouchers focus on extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping or white-water rafting. Obviously these are often unsuitable for older people, but know your audience; if your father, mother, aunt or uncle is into these types of experiences then there is no reason they couldn’t enjoy them. Be well aware of medical conditions that could prevent them from participating, and if in doubt revert to less stressful situations.

For petrolheads, there are always driving experiences with super-cars, but did you know you could also have tank driving days and even off-road Segway experiences? There really is something for everybody.

As for less exciting experiences, it’s a great idea to find out if your loved-one is an admirer of a specific cuisine. Sushi, curry or nouvelle cuisine; you’ll be able to find experience vouchers for cookery lessons that will suit any palate. For chocolate-lovers, there are plenty of chocolate-making courses that will teach your older family member how to make truffles and decorate them, and will typically send them home with a more-than-generous number of self-made truffles.

Another wonderful way to present your loved-ones with a gift experience voucher is by planning a weekend away for them. Be aware that Travelodge offer inexpensive rooms in many hotels, and while they are not super-luxurious they do offer an affordable alternative to the more high-end hotels. A weekend away in London is a romantic and fun experience that any couple would happily accept. During their weekend, you can gift them with a dinner cruise on the Thames which allows them to view the city from the river as they enjoy high-quality dining – many of these boats require smart dress and as such you can be sure they will feel very special indeed.

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A romantic evening out is a wonderful way for couples of any age to reconnect.

Another option which can be used for the second night of their stay is a dinner-and-a-show voucher which entitles them to a ticket for a West-End show as well as a multi-course dinner at a restaurant in the area. This is of course the perfect experience for people of all ages and allows your loved-ones to really enjoy their weekend to the full whilst enjoying a higher standard of entertainment than most people are accustomed to in this day and age.

Finally, dance lessons can be a truly amazing gift for any occasion, but is an especially good gift for an older couple which may wish to reconnect and fill their retirement with a fun experience they can enjoy together. Salsa or ballroom, or in fact any other type – you can be sure they’ll enjoy their pre-paid classes and dancing may well become a hobby they enjoy together for some time.

Experience gifts are a no-brainer for younger friends and family members, but can easily become a wonderful present for older people, as well. Just remember to play it safe if their health is a bit of a question mark for you, and you’re sure to put smiles on their faces.

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