Expecting in Style

stylish maternity wear

stylish maternity wear

Just the other day, I saw a picture of Beyonce Knowles announcing to the whole world that she was expecting and showing off her baby bump. But what actually caught my eye was not the bump, but how gorgeous she looked in the outfit she was wearing. It spoke of her elegance and style. She carried the outfit with panache. She definitely made all the heads turn. How did Jennifer Lopez manage to look ravishing in a black gown when she was heavily pregnant with twins, Alicia Keys looked stunning in a gray strapless gown at a red carpet ceremony and so did Claudia Schiffer in her black tights with a figure hugging knee-length top? The answer to all these questions is not just that they all belong to the “Celebrity” group but also because they all have a style quotient. Every woman can pull up being stylish when she is pregnant-whether she is a celebrity or not.

The season of celebration is here. It’s the season for special gatherings, dances, intimate celebrations. It could be an opening of a musical night or premier of a broad way play. Whatever the occasion, you don’t want to miss out on the festivities and fun. With pregnancy, you have yet another reason to celebrate. As to the dilemma of what to wear, there are a variety of gowns, dresses, pantsuits or a mix and match of designs available in the market. In today’s fashion world, there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from in maternity wear.

A woman wants to look good even when she is expecting. There were times when moms-to-be would wear dowdy looking clothes or baggy clothes more for comfort reasons or probably to hide their figure. But times have changed and a modern woman does not want to hide her beautiful baby bump under wraps. She loves to flaunt it and show her figure to the world. Especially for the working woman who has to look her best at work, at meetings, at conferences, etc there is a wide range of stylish maternity wear waiting to be worn.

Modern maternity clothes are designed to keep the comfort factor but still give you a trendy look. So how do you go about ‘expecting in style’. Almost all the well-known brands and department stores have a clothes line dedicated only for the expecting mother. There is something out there for every woman who wants to look her best throughout her ever growing pregnancy.  However, it takes a little time to figure out what will actually look and fit well on you. When buying maternity wear, the pregnant woman should also pay notice to the fabric used. It may drape well on her but she might be allergic to the fabric due to hormonal changes. Cotton fabrics are mostly preferred as they are available in many colors and patterns and above all, they are known to be very comfortable. Fabrics that are figure hugging, soft and stretchy will give your body that desired look.

If you are the petite kind, then look for tops that wrap around your tummy and avoid big prints. Go for something subtle. Full-length dresses will flatter your figure when compared to short dresses or short skirts. Wide neck tops will look even better. 

If you are a plus-size, chances are that you may gain around fifteen to eighteen pounds. This may not even be noticeable. It is best to wear leggings, dresses with no waist, pants and skirts with drawstrings, tops which use soft material that will all give you a figure hugging look.

For a formal party a maternity dress in black georgette with semi-precious stones lined along the border, straps to tie behind the neck, empire waist to hide the bump or a dress with a zipper back should do the job.  If you have planned a romantic evening with candlelight and soft music, then a strapless laced dress should leave your partner stunned and speechless. A wrap maternity dress to a cocktail party or work will keep you comfortable and give you a stylish appearance. Turtleneck dress will do for any occasion – at work or casual wear for a party. Flowing maternity dress with bright floral prints made of georgette will be perfect for a day at the beach. Stock your wardrobe with ruffled and ruched tops; these come handy for a last minute outing or dinner when paired with maternity jeans. Use accessories like scarves, a string of pearls or long chains with colored beads to accent your outfit.

Indulge and pamper yourself during the pregnancy, go out all the way to look your stylish best and make your own fashion statement!

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