Things You Never Expected People To Want To Buy

If you need a little extra income, it might seem worthwhile to attend a car boot fair or to list a few things for sale on an online auction site such as eBay. It seems fairly straightforward that clothes, books, games and DVDs in good used condition will sell well, but there are many things that could also sell that you might not have thought possible.

Extremely well used shoes and boots

For some reason, shoes and boots in extremely well used or even poor condition do often sell on sites such as eBay. The reasons for this are unknown but a pair of worn and battered pumps, with scuff marks, missing insoles and even holes, will sometimes sell for more than their initial cost.

Obviously certain designer branded goods will sell well, regardless of condition, so if you have a badly worn pair of shoes or a handbag by a well-known designer, it might just be worth hunting it out. Empty perfume bottles also sell well.

Games consoles in non-working order

Games consoles of any kind, even those which are decades old and appear to be obsolete, are always worth something to somebody and many people make a hobby of fixing them, or require them for one part. Scratches and scrapes and missing buttons don’t often matter, and neither does the fact that they don’t even work, or have no battery, or are missing a cable or two. Be honest in your description when selling the item, and there is a good chance that somebody, somewhere, would pay over the odds for the item you were about to throw in the rubbish bin.

Also try faulty or damaged laptops and other electrical items such as a dvd player or camcorder, and mobile phones. Believe it or not, there are many people who look specifically for faulty smartphones, iPhones, Nintendo consoles and mp3 players so they can either repair them or sell them as replacement parts.

Expired car tax discs, old magazines and football programmes

The world is full of collectors of these things and eBay is a good place to both buy and sell them. Be genuine about condition and list as much information as you can.

Also past years’ Argos and Littlewoods Index catalogues – Index is long gone now but their catalogues are still being bought and sold.

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