Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercising while pregnant was once thought to be a dangerous undertaking. Exerting oneself whilst carrying a baby seemed like a strange and fanciful thing to do. Nowadays, we know better; exercising whilst pregnant can have a host of benefits, and you should enjoy them! So find out what you can expect!

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In an ideal world, you’d be in good shape before getting pregnant. So if you’re thinking of trying for a baby, start working on a reasonable exercise routine. Remember that the idea is to build a routine you can maintain indefinitely; not a change for now but a change for life. Running, swimming, dancing, cycling; find something you enjoy at least a little, and do it a few times per week. Joining a gym may seem intimidating, but can actually really help you find joy in your work-out. Just remember every single person who’s in that gym is looking to improve something about their body that they don’t enjoy; they’re too busy focussing on their own needs and desires to worry about your wobbly bits! Try and change your diet, too; folic acid, for example, is very important. Some prenatal vitamins can be taken whilst trying to conceive, so have a look at those and make sure you’re getting everything you need.

During pregnancy, you can carry on with a routine you’re already accustomed to, provided it isn’t something that will interfere with the baby. Ask your doctor and/or your personal trainer if you’re worried, but normal activities such as running are fine, especially if your body is used to doing them. You can, however, also happily start a new workout routine. Give Davina McCall’s pre- and post-natal workout set a go; it’s fun and it’s tailored for pregnant ladies. Additionally, Davina McCall’s fun, girl-next-door approach makes it funny and helps to remind you that being pregnant isn’t all looking like a gentle English rose! A huge benefit to exercising well whilst pregnant is that exercising the right muscles can make labour more effective (and therefore shorter!) and delivery easier. It can also mean your body recovers faster! Definitely big upsides to that new exercise routine.

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After pregnancy, keeping up your exercise routine has a whole host of advantages for you. Not only can you count on it to help your body recover from the birth (and do be careful to take your midwife’s and doctor’s advice as to when you can safely resume), it will also give you an important emotional foothold. When you’ve got a new baby, you have very little time to spend on yourself, which can cause depression and other issues to crop up. Force yourself back into the routine and give yourself that time spent on you. It will help stave off depression by reminding you you are an autonomous person separate from your baby, and by releasing endorphins which will help you feel happier within yourself, too.

Exercise is good for mothers new and old, and even for mothers-to-be. Don’t skimp on the workouts, and you’re sure to see the advantages!

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