Ever Tried Jeans with Embellishments?

Jeans with embellishments

Jeans with embellishments

Denim is reputed as one of the most versatile fabric of all time ranging from the denim jackets, denim jean, skirts, hats, Capri etc.  They constitute a major portion in popular casual wear these days, especially with the younger generation. Denim fabric is such a type of clothing that it is largely available in different patterns and styles. Despite the fact that it is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, it yet retains an extremely timeless and youthful look indeed! Denims have been a prominent form of informal wear all over the world from a very long time and I am sure it will continue to remain to be for more years to come!

The jeans are extremely comfortable to wear and hence are widely preferred by and far. The denim jeans are extremely cool and comfortable and come in various fits such as the skinny jeans, tapered jeans, straight jeans, flare jeans and the boot cut ones.

Denim jeans whether the plane ones or the ones with embellishments have become such a rage among girls and women these days. Denim jeans are available in various versions such as stonewashed denim, medium washed, dark, distressed and vintage washed denims. It is the matter of personal preference and style upon which version you choose. There is a palette of colors available of which black and shades of blue are the most widely worn ones. However, there is huge variety with colors such as fuchsia, beige, turquoise, orange, olive, mauve, white, brown, tan etc. Don’t be apprehensive in trying these colors, they look very smart too. You can check out the collection of denim jeans in various hues at DIESEL. There are thousands of brands selling the most stylish and comfortable jeans available today.

The denim jeans are also available with embellishments such as brass buttons, studs, beads, sequins, fashionable zippers etc. Have you tried these jeans with embellishments? Well, if you haven’t then it is time you should! You can check out the latest collection from BEBE and BANANA REPUBLIC which will make you look like a party animal! For all those people who yearn to look fashionably streamlined and rationalized, here is a bit of advice for you! You don’t have to worry about shelling out the money in purchasing an entirely new wardrobe of embellished denims for yourself. You can revamp the simple look of your bland jeans with a bit of creativeness from your end!

Jeans with sequins added

Jeans with sequins added

If you don’t want to invest in new jeans but still want to look trendy, you can decorate the plane and simple jeans. You can try the embossed stickers and Swarovski crystals which are conveniently available in most stationery stores. Now-a-days you even get the studs, beads, patches, rhinestones, metal studs, laces and sequins which can be stuck to your jeans with fabric glue very easily and hassle-free.

This way you can conveniently add the extra oomph factor to your casual and simple jeans which people won’t even make out. It will look so renewed and refreshed as though you have purchased new jeans! The beauty of these jeans with embellishments is mainly because of the versatility they bring into your own sense of style and taste. You can also try out the ones featuring stripe work ruffle hems, patch work, hand embroidery designs etc. You can also look chic by accessorizing with hanging earrings, beaded necklaces, studded wrist watch or bracelet, jeweled belts, beaded jacket, sequined footwear and even a stylish handbag! You can try the mix and match look depending upon your comfort and mood. So don’t be skeptical now! Go and check out for yourself the different styles in the nearest shopping mall. They are widely available in various customized finishes and reasonable prices too. However, you can simple rekindle the creative spark that you are naturally blessed with and create your own jeans with embellishments. I am sure it will catch the attention of one and all indeed! So spruce up your favorite old jeans by utilizing the fabric scraps.                

You can look like a fashion idol with a bit of creativity from your end. This way you can make a style statement which others will look and crave about! The casual jeans with some embellishments will completely transform the simple outfit into a radiant and beaming guise!      

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