‘Even’ Headphones deliver amazing sound based on your own hearing

‘Even’ Headphones deliver amazing sound based on your own hearing

An audio company is changing the way we listen to music, by manufacturing headphones that automatically adjust their levels, depending on how you hear.

Even are an audio-technology brand that are redefining the way you hear music. The way they do it is by getting the consumer to undergo an ‘EarPrint’ test, which then delivers a kind of prescription to the headphones.

Much as a pair of glasses gives clear and perfect vision after an eye test, the Even headphones use the EarPrint test to deliver the best quality sound by correcting any imbalances in your hearing.

How does it work?

The set-up could not be simpler. You buy your headphones, then you have a hearing test which is delivered straight into the headphones. Your unique EarPrint is decided, using both high and low frequencies. Once the test has determined your EarPrint, all this data is saved to the headphones which then calibrate any sound played through them to deliver the perfect audio in real time.

The headphones were designed by a team of experts, including sound designers, acoustic engineers, mastering technicians and audiologists. Even is the first audio company to offer this unique hearing experience by delivering a personalised sound to their customers.

‘Even’ Headphones

A statement on their website says:

“We are the first to highlight the unique and beautiful differences in each individual’s hearing by delivering personal audio hardware products and software solutions that quickly and easily understand and tune personal sound to each ear.”

There are two different kinds of headphones available that utilise this technology; the H1, which is a wireless over-the-ear style that comes in a wooden style and costs $199, and the E1, a wired earphone that uses two-toned earbuds costing $129.

E1, a wired earphone that uses two-toned earbuds costing $129.

Delivering crisp and clear sound based on your own unique hearing qualities is pretty cool, but what is undoubtedly even better is that those with hearing problems can now hear sound as well as those who hear perfectly well. There are plenty of satisfied customers who have given rave reviews on the Even website, from hard of hearing to those who declare the headphones as ‘revolutionary’.

The headphones have proved to be so popular that Even are launching a second generation of the H1 model this summer called the H2. No details as yet but as soon as we know we will bring you the news.

You can by the H1 here for $199 and the E1 here for $129.

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