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Having a tool kit at home is essential for everyone. You have tools to take on everyday jobs like fixing a ceiling fan, putting some furniture together, getting your bike fixed etc. Something or the other will happen once in a while which requires some tools to get the work done. After all, you need to be self reliant and able to tackle the basic projects in and around your house! So be prepared with your home tools kit handy!

You must invest your money in quality and durable tools that will last long. The CRAFTSMAN TOOLS is one such brand that is reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty too. You don’t have to purchase the entire tool kit at once. You can ask for specific tools that are more often used than buying the complete set of tools at once. The first and foremost thing is to get a tool box which has a durable handle and removable top tray.

The tray must have compartments for keeping smaller things such as nails, screws, bolts, washers and so on. The other basic tools required include the hammer, screwdrivers, utility knife, grip pliers, measuring tape, wrench, drill etc.

A good hammer comes very handy in driving nails into wood and other smaller everyday jobs in home repair. Earlier, hammers with wooden handle were widely used. However, the wood handles break easily so you should go with the ones that have a synthetic handle. Screwdrivers have huge variety in terms of the sizes and shapes available. You must always keep in mind to get a couple of flathead screwdrivers as its blade will fit into the single slot of the screw.

It can also be used for light prying, scrapping, nudging etc. Now-a-days you get sets of different screwdrivers much for your ease and comfort than searching for different ones here and there! Head screw is also an important essential requirement for your tool kit. Since it has four star points it allows more torque than a flathead screwdriver. So get few of them in varying sizes. A tool kit is incomplete without a retractable metal measuring tape. These tapes can be extended all the way out, locked and then retracted making measurement much easy.

A wrench is required for turning the nuts and bolts. An adjustable wrench with sliding jaws can be used on different sized nuts and bolts. Hence it is an important must have in each home tool kit. The movable jaw is located on the side towards which rotation is to be performed in order to reduce the chances of possible backlash. You can make your life easier when on bigger projects at home with a socket wrench. It has a racketing mechanism to tighten a nut without having it removed and refitted after each and every turn. The vice grip pliers come in handy when you need an extra hand at work.

They can lock in one place and the advantage is that they allow one-handed release of the locking mechanism, while others require two hands to disengage. These are such a versatile tool that it can be used as pliers, pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, wire cutters, ratchet or even a clamp!

The needle nose pliers are good for cutting, bending, gripping or strip wire jobs. They easily fit into small cavities because of their long and skinny shape. Another important part of a home tool box is a good cordless drill, as it can be used for drilling holes or driving screws. Always keep in mind to get a drill with multiple speeds and is reversible. The feature of being reversible will come handy when you need to take out some screws. Also keep in mind the voltage factor of the drill. The heavier the drill will be with the increase in its voltage capacity. Hence go for ones which is of 12volts power, as it is neither too heavy and the power is enough for normal usage.

A fine handsaw is the emblem of a skilled craftsman indeed! It is useful in cutting lumber, trimming branches etc. The utility knife is equally important in a home tool box. There are hundreds of tasks that require cutting and scrapping with a sharp blade utility knife. So don’t run into your kitchen each time you need a knife. These are the basic essentials of a home tool box that can come handy for everyday usage!

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