Best Holiday Destinations for a Sunny Summer Trip

It’s not exactly a procession of heat waves; the summer, so far, has been rather a wet and miserable affair, and when it does warm up the sunshine is soon followed by a nasty rainstorm or two. A trip to the summer sun is a welcome idea, then. But which countries will offer lovely weather that you can enjoy without paying the earth?

Many people are tempted to escape British summer weather by flying far away; the Caribbean, Hawaii, or California can seem like the ideal refuge from the soggy summer at home. But this is really not necessary, and will easily blow your holiday budget on flights alone. Furthermore, you will probably end up at the mercy of last-minute cancellations at this late date, making it a stressful proposition to find the right flight as well as the ideal accommodation at your destination. But why go so far afield? Excellent summer weather can be found much closer to home!

Have you considered taking a holiday to Amsterdam or Brussels? The summer weather there is surprisingly warm and sunny and you could well find yourself in a lovely dry environment with plenty of culture to soak up. Check individual forecasts before booking, but you’ll generally find yourself in the sun as your loved-ones back home drown in the puddles! These destinations allow you to take a short flight there, which means you can expect your holiday to be cheaper as well as taking less precious time in terms of travel.

The South of France, Italy and Spain offer lovely options as well. Some areas in southern Europe have open policies in terms of camping by the roadside, allowing it in most or even all areas where you can find adequate space. With daily breaks to find food you can cook easily on a portable gas hob and fill up your water container, you can in fact spend your entire holiday on the road and see these countries from an amazing, novel perspective. Again, the weather will be lovely and you can count on dry and warm days and nights. Secluded areas are easy to find and afford a surprising amount of privacy. To save even more money, you could elect to drive there if you do enjoy spending time on the road.

Taking a less conventional holiday to search for summer sun could allow you to have a more enjoyable sunny season, while also allowing you to save money and bank on a last-minute holiday. Have fun in the sun!

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