eReaders: the Pros and Cons of Reading Electronically.

It’s 2011, and the eReader has been nestling its way into the public’s heart for some time now. It can be hard to imagine adapting to a new way of reading books, one that involves no paper. A lot of avid readers find themselves resisting the change. Here you will find the pros and cons of eReaders laid out to help you make an informed decision.

Cons: The Disadvantages of Reading Electronically.

books on book shelvesThe biggest disadvantage for many readers is the simple fact of having to change the way you read. Reading is such a big part of humanity that, once we have been taught to read, we are unable to keep ourselves from reading letters we are shown. To those of us who read for pleasure, it is a deeply comforting activity that we have grown accustomed to from early childhood.

As such, a lot of people cite the smell and feel of paper books as a reason not to change to an electronic reader. The tradition of printing books on paper and reading them as such, the crackle of a newly opened spine, and the scent of a room full of books are powerfully evocative of the pleasure we take in reading and the escapism we achieve therein.

Another issue is that of needing to charge a battery in order to operate the eReader. Books, of course, need no methodsbatteries issue for eReaders of propulsion and work no matter what, as long as you have sufficient lighting. This can be an especially big concern for those who like to go camping or take trips to places where electricity is not readily available.

Pros: the Upshot of Electronic Reading.

First of all, the battery issue is often seen as a big problem. Some eReaders, however, can run for weeks or even months on a single charge; some simple research into the battery life of the eReader you’re considering purchasing will help you choose a model that requires relatively little charging.

The adjustable font of most eReaders is another big upside, especially for those who may have poor eyesight. As such, they can be an excellent present for an elderly relative who struggles to read normal-print books. With a simple button-press, any book can be made into a large-print edition, allowing people with poor eyesight to continue enjoying books.

Instant delivery is a big draw, too; the ability to purchase a book online and have it delivered immediately is tempting eReadersindeed. Especially for students, who may need to be able to purchase and use books immediately for a course on literature or similar, it is much easier to purchase eBooks and have them instantly made available.

Finally, you have the convenience of carrying potentially thousands of books along in the form of a small and slim volume. Instead of carting around piles and piles of books, you simply carry a light-weight electronic device that allows you to read as many books as you could want to.

So there you have them; the pros and cons of Electronic Reading Devices versus traditional books, allowing you to make an informed decision about your future reading needs.

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