Enormous single garlic clove a hit with ‘lazy cooks’!

Now I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a lazy cook, it’s just that there are some things that I believe life is too short for. And one of those is definitely peeling the paper-thin layers off a tiny clove of garlic. In fact, I would say it ranks up there in my top ten list of annoying wastes of time, alongside waiting for the kettle to boil and washing my hair.

The problem with the aggravating peeling of the paper-thin layers, is that it always leads some helpful chum offering advice as to the best way of achieving a peeled clove. Suggestions include bashing the clove with the flat of a knife (ends up with bruised heels of hands), microwaving before peeling (stinks the microwave and doesn’t work) or soaking in water (wet mess).

And as for the alternatives, the garlic is either mixed up with a strong flavoured oil or vinegar that distracts from the authentic taste of garlic, or you have to opt for a dry version, and the minute that goes stale it’s curtains.


Luckily, one of our favourite budget supermarkets Lidl have now realised that the peeling problem was getting up foodies’ backs, and have revealed their solution, the enormous single-headed garlic clove.


Dubbed the ‘lazy garlic’, but we think a more appropriate term would be the ‘clever clove’, the huge garlic is found growing naturally in the foothills of the Himalayas, and was discovered by organic farmers. The garlic is as big as a small onion, around two inches in diameter,and as such, can be peeled and chopped up just like one. From the outside it looks like a normal garlic, but once you peel it, it reveals the single clove that makes every cooks’ life a lot easier.

This is the first time that this enormous garlic is available to British customers, and as far as we know, Lidl are the UK’s only importer of the huge clove.

The way the garlic normally grows is that one single garlic seed is planted and then is triggered into forming multiple cloves by the cold weather. However, in the Himalaylas, the temperature does not fall enough to trigger this reaction in the seed, hence the single and larger clove.


As the garlic is larger it is also more fragrant and milder than the smaller and multiple cloved versions.

A spokesman for Lidl said: ‘”The single clove garlic originates from the mountainous area of the Yunnan province in the far south-west of China. The seeds are planted approximately 2,000 metres above sea level in warm temperatures and with a large amount of sunlight. Only 50 per cent of the garlic seeds that are planted in these specific conditions will develop into a single clove garlic.”

And the spokesman advised that the single clove was not a different kind of garlic, it’s the way it’s grown that makes the difference: “This isn’t a species – rather it is the conditions under which the seeds are cultivated that result in a single clove garlic.,” he added: “A single clove garlic has a high nutrition content, but it is also popular in cooking due to its slightly milder flavour compared with multi-clove garlic. The feedback from our customers has been very encouraging although we have had to advise some of them about what to do with it.”

We think it’s the future!

Image Credit: © BNPS.CO.UK

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