Enjoying London with Kids

Enjoying London with Kids So you’ve come to London with the family in tow, and you don’t want to drag them to museum after museum. It’s a family affair, after all, and you want everyone to have fun. Don’t fret, the city is as much a kid’s place as it is for adults. London has a lot to offer, whether you’re a tiny tot, or a full grown man, and visiting the following places will surely give you the times of your lives:

Regent Park – Formerly King Henry VIII’s prized hunting grounds, children can now cavort around and run through the park’s four spectacular play grounds, where fun is to be had at each and every corner. Watch entertainers and performers ply their craft, pedal across the lake, and explore the gardens. You can even visit the world-famous London zoo.

• National History Museum – This is one museum that the kids will actually love. Strap on an Explorer Backpack and make a beeline for the Dino Gallery, where spectacular prehistoric monsters are on display, and the most life-like replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex will roar and move about convincingly. If you need to take a breather, you can plop down in the front lawn for a nice nosh, or skate on the ice at the back garden in winter.

• Somerset House – A home of arts and learning, Somerset House is indeed a magical place both inside and out. Inside, the adults can have their fill of history, while outside is a veritable fun land for kids, with fountains and skating rinks that they can laugh and play in.

• Little Angel Theatre – You’re probably going to love this as much as your children will. The Little Angel Theatre in Islington is a charming place where marionettes tell quaint tales and put on spectacular performances that are sure to put you under their spell and have you cheering, laughing, and enjoying yourself as much as the children around you. If all else fails, simply take a gander ‘round the city—you will no doubt find something to enthral you, young and old alike.

Take off to the South Bank, or plop yourself down by the River Thames. You’ll get a first-hand experience of what it is to live the London life.

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