Enjoy Your iPad More with the Right Accessories

The iPad has been one of Apple’s more ingenious products, and iPad users everywhere extol its virtues incessantly, going on and on and on about its brilliance. Have you bought one yet? These accessories can help you enjoy it all the more!

The iBallz for iPad sound like a joke – and honestly, when you first take a look at them, they seem pretty useless. But they will not only protect your iPad from dropping, they will also allow you to prop it up handily when either watching a film, typing on it, or just enjoying it.

You can use the cord to carry it around and avoid fingerprint smudging, and you’re able to allow the air to circulate freely below your iPad so it doesn’t overheat. And – let’s admit it – they make your iPad look pretty funky, too! For under £17, you get four iBallz connected by a cord.

Ever been frustrated by the touchscreen portion of your iPad? Days when it seems you can never touch the right part of the screen? The Griffin stylus puts an end to all that, allowing you to easily use any touchscreen device without trouble. It looks like a normal pen and is easily clipped onto a pocket or pencil loop. What else needs to be said, really? For under £15, it’s yours!

Always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Who didn’t! And now, with your iPad, iPod or iPhone, you can! The Piano Apprentice allows you to play a piano-like device while you use the free Piano Apprentice app. With 25 keys, and speakers delivering realistic piano sounds, you’ll soon sound like a pro. The notes light up, turning the exercise into something rather easier than expected, and you can be sure you’ll enjoy it for years to come as it will even teach you how to read musical notation! A piano teacher in a handy kit for under £80!

Do you ever have to walk through unsavoury parts of town with your iPad in tow? The undercover laptop sleeve is suitable for this gadget, too, and makes it look like you’re carrying along a large, brown envelope to post. Put thieves off your trail with the undercover laptop sleeve, for a mere £17. You’ll be glad you did it when you realise you’ve bought, if nothing else, a healthy slice of peace of mind.

The iPad is undoubtedly an amazing gadget all by itself. With these accessories you can enjoy it even more. What’s stopping you?

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