Embroidered blazers for the urban man

Employees wearing embroidered blazers at a conference

Employees wearing embroidered blazers at a conference

It was a time when the embroidered jackets were particularly made for baseball teams, but today they have become much more than just a sports dress. They are mostly demanded as corporate or formal styles of dressings. Today, embroidered blazers exude professionalism when top corporate employees wear them during business conferences representing their company. These blazers are of have high perceived value and make a perfect uniform for most of the outdoor commercial enterprises. They give your customers a highly official image, and the logos and names embroidered on them give the appearance of teamwork and your company a reputed look.

Embroidered jacket for men

Embroidered jacket for men

Blazers like the other clothes are available in abundance today in markets with many varieties. You pick the simple ones and get them embroidered with your choice of logos. If you are choosing them as one of your sportswear, you could buy the funky looking embroidered jackets for yourself. If not the above, you will still have plenty of choices. You have blazers which are quiet unusual, but embroidered and made of leather or water-resistant materials, available in fashionable styles. These embroidered blazers have a very intricate form of workmanship. Moving onto formals, you have those blazers embroidered with minute logos or alphabets, made of weather wool suiting mostly the cooler climates. Most commonly used by the army officials during their official parties or get together, these blazers have become a trend for the upcoming generations.

You can find a variety of brands that provide you embroidered blazers. You can also opt to get them tailor-made by various artisans who can embroider your blazers and give them a touch of personalization. The most popular of brands of embroidered blazers is the FINDEN AND HALES TEAMWORK. This brand is particularly popular for its sportswear range, mostly cricket sweatshirts, cricket shirts and cricket trousers. This brand also provides you an enormous range of embroidered blazers and jackets. The best thing about this brand is that it is quite easy on your pocket too. Another range of embroidered blazers and jackets you could probably choose is the FRONT ROW brand of clothing bringing in the embroidered clothes for men with classic designs and colors, prepared out of tough fabrics.

You also have the FRUIT AND LOOM brand mostly well-known for its outstanding value for money. It has most of its hands in the development of polo shirts, sweatshirts, officially worn blazers and fleece jackets. This brand’s clothing is mostly preferred as school uniforms and clothing for the official purposes because of its best quality production and high reputation. Another brand to your list could be the HANES CLOTHING offering you a range of simple and stylish sportswear and official wear. Another very popular brand is the JERZEES. This brand offers you a tremendous variety of fashionable wears with the most pleasing colors. This brand is mostly known for its consistency and attention to the detail.  Jerzees offer you blazers suitable for every climate. The embroidered wears by Jerzees are well-known for their production quality, durability which surely makes you stand apart from the crowd.

 It was a farewell for our seniors the previous month. As every year, most of the students were quite excited to know about the theme code of casuals for the party. That was the first year in our college history that we got the embroidered blazers as our party code, may be because of its ongoing trend and increasing demands. The party resembled much of an investiture ceremony of the schools than a farewell get-together. This was when I got my first embroidered blazer. I simply loved the way it looked, a reason why my wardrobe now has a collection of some of the best embroidered blazers on market.

Embroidered blazers are a very classy method of personalizing your clothing. You can get a huge variety – from simple ones with alphabets embroidered on them to those with logos of various brands worked on them. The options are many, you simply have to explore and get that perfect personal style statement with your favorite embroidered blazer!

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