Eliminate Skin Imperfections with Bio Oil Skin Care Products

Bio Oil has been in the market for over two years now and it is also one of the most widely used products for skin care.

Bio Oil Skin Care Products

Bio Oil Skin Care Products

People especially women hate scars, stretch marks and unhealthy skin aging that is why most women use products that can eliminate these skin impurities and problems. Aside from scars, stretch marks and skin aging, this skin care product also helps in achieving even skin tone. It delays aging and hydrates skin to promote healthier and younger looking skin.

The products are formulated using plant extracts and combined with essential oils and vitamins to enhance the efficacy of the product. Since oil is an oxygen-free substance, the potency of the plant extracts and vitamins are retained. Compared to other products in oil form, Bio Oil uses the PureCellin Oil ingredient which is a major breakthrough in the industry. This particular ingredient changes the consistency of the product making it non-greasy and light. The ingredient also enhances absorption of the product through the skin therefore improving the efficacy of the product. Some of the main ingredients of the product are Calendula Oil flower extract, lavender oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil, vitamin A and E, mineral oil, glycine soja oil, helianthus annus seed oil and rose extracts for fragrance.

Bio Oil products are produced manufactured and packed using quality standard and following strict guidelines. To ensure quality, the products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility. All of the ingredients are properly tested for impurities and contamination from microbiological elements before production. After the product is manufactured, each batch are tested and monitored within a period of 5 years. To help with the environment preservation and protection goals the packaging used for the products are definitely biodegradable. The papers used are also sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly forest management methods. The company also made sure that now harmful elements and waste are produced and emitted in manufacturing the products.

Users of this product are ensured with safe and quality products since all the products have undergone safety evaluations required by the Council of Cosmetic Products. All ingredients, manufacturing methods and procedures, toxicological profile and the chemical structure of the products have passed evaluation and were declared safe for use even for pregnant women.  The company is also a member of the Beauty without Cruelty International Organization. With Bio Oil products, people can now obtain safe, quality and effective skin care products for their skin.

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