Which Electronic Skincare Device Should You Choose?

Which Electronic Skincare Device Should You Choose?

Image: Magnitone Full Monty

Now that we are all trying desperately to get our bikini bodies fit and ready for the beach, we are turning to electronic devices in order to give us the best skin ever.

Some help us to tone up our skin, others reduce wrinkles but all of them improve skin’s appearance.

So whether you need a device to reduce fine lines, brighten up your skin, or repair damage, here are the best electronic skincare devices for you.

Before we look at them however, it’s worth noting that manufacturers recommend you use devices with brushes just once a day in the evening as part of your cleansing routine. This is because frequent use can cause the skin to produce more oil as the glands become overstimulated.

If you have sensitive skin then introduce brush devices in gently, as they may irritate at first.


PMD Personal Microdermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Device - £125

This device comes with three discs you place on the device which are used to exfoliate the skin. The white disc is a training disk to see how your skin adjusts to the device; sensitive skin should use the blue disc whilst normal skin should use the green.

The device treats the outer layers of the skin and works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, scars and blemishes. It also allows creams and lotions to penetrate the skin as the top layer of oil and dead skin cells has been removed.

From: amazon.com


Clarisonic Mia 2 - £120

If you are always in a rush and barely have time to swipe a hand flannel across your face in the morning, then this device by Clarisonic will not disappoint. Said to offer six times more cleansing than normal washing alone, the brush gives your skin a lovely micro-massage of more than three-hundred movements per second. This effective cleaning means that you only need around a minute of the brush on your skin.

The brush doesn’t spin like other devices, it oscillates back and forth so it is gentle on your skin too. You get two different speed settings so when you are not in a hurry you can relax a little.

From: feelunique.com


Foreo Luna Mini 2 - £99

If your idea of skincare is remembering to wash your face in the first place, you’ll be pleased with the simplicity of this device. The silicone shape has three different areas designed for sensitive, oily and normal skin types.

All you do is wet the device, apply a cleansing lotion to your face and using a circular motion, move the Luna Mini over your skin. It should last for years as the tough silicone material will not degrade.

From: Selfridges.com


Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush - £29.99

This is a great buy if you are not sure about buying a more expensive version and want to test out electronic brushes first, or if you simply can’t justify spending a fortune on skincare.

This one features two head attachments; there’s a bristle brush for deep cleansing and a silicone version for gentler exfoliation. Use a combination of both for the ultimate cleansing.

From: proactiv.co.uk


Magnitone Full Monty - £130

For those who don’t mind paying a few bucks for a device that has multiple uses, this Full Monty is aptly named. It has three detachable brush heads and can be used for facial cleansing, body-smoothing and pedicure buffing. You also get three different settings for the skin; sensitive, daily and deep.

Plus there are two modes for pedicures – exfoliating and smoothing dry skin or removing the dry skin on hard, cracked heels.

From: lookfantastic.com


Nuface Mini Facial Toner - £180

The Nuface device has been marketed as the ‘five-minute face lift’. This is because it gives tiny electrical shots into your skin, much like the CACI treatment, in which handheld devices deliver mini electrical impulses. These apparently stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. S we all know, increased collagen helps to improve the look of skin and give it a more youthful appearance.

This is much more cost effective than salon visits every month, but you have to target the correct areas and set aside a designated time each week for significant results.

From: farfetch.com

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