Eight Fun Places To Go On A First Date

First dates can be a bit difficult to come up with a game plan. What are you going to do, where are you going to go and don’t even get started on what you’re going to wear. You’ll want to make sure to think of something the two of you can do that provides ample time for conversation, so this generally rules out a trip to the movies.

Miniature Golf

Going out for a light brunch and then a few rounds of miniature golf is the perfect way to get an idea of how well the two of you get along. There’s nothing better than a flash back to yesteryear and some good times on the course.


Visit A Museum

Going for a tour around a museum can not only allow for easy conversation with one another, it even gives plenty of opportunity for the two of you to have conversation starters right on the walls in front of you.

Go On A Picnic

It may seem a little old-fashioned, but a picnic is the classic opportunity for the two of you to relax outdoors and get a feel for one another. A great way to add some mystery to this date is to consider that one of you brings a main dish and desert the other brings side dishes and drinks. Don’t discuss any of the details about what will be brought just the general terms: maid dishes, drinks. When the two of you start lying the picnic out it will be a neat way to gather some insight about each other from the items that were brought.

Go On A Wine Tour

One fabulous way to spend an afternoon together is to get out and enjoy a wine tasting. Depending on where you live these may be super easy to come by or they could be slightly difficult. You’ll want to take a little time to see what is available and then plan a day around it. If you’re planning on indulging make sure to have a safe way home.

On A Boat Ride

Nothing can be more romantic than getting to spend some time on a nice boat in a beautiful lake. Other people may really enjoy taking a canoe ride on their first trip. Whatever is the right trip for you, getting outdoors and close to nature like this can be the perfect opportunity to see what both of you have in common.

To The Zoo

It may not be the first choice for some, while others will practically jump out of their skin at the chance to visit a nice zoo. You can choose to get into deep ethical conversations or keep it light and more centered on what you think is the best display. Either way you’ll have a chance to walk around talking to one another.

To A Local Festival

Some places are full of different festivals depending on the season and one of the best ways to have a wonderful first date is to visit one of these. Whether it’s one that is car inspired or music inspired it’s sure to be lively and full of people who are having a nice time.

To A Charity Event

There are some events that never seem to get enough people to attend, these are primarily charity events. A dinner that is raising money for cancer research, a walk that is a fundraiser for animal cruelty awareness; whichever your choice is you’ll be helping a good cause. This gives you a chance to know that no matter how the date turns out, the two of you did something good this evening.

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