Eight of the Best Motorcycle Helmets for 2017

Eight of the Best Motorcycle Helmets for 2017

The brain is our most important human organ. If the brain suffers irreparable damage, it does not matter if the heart can be kept going, we will perish. Sobering words but many people put fashion and looking the part before being safe on the roads. As Chris Sackett, vice-president of Bell Helmets, stated to the Telegraph: “Dress for the crash, not the ride.”

“We always recommend full-face helmets, the more coverage the better. You’re definitely going to have more protection. Not everyone wants to hear that, a lot of folks out there want to feel the road,” he said.

With that in mind, here’s our recommendations for the best motorcycle helmets:

  • HJC FG-17 – $199.99


This helmet was tested at the Wind Tunnel Laboratory and is made from an advanced fibreglass shell which is super lightweight but extraordinarily strong. It comes in three different sizes to ensure a superior fit and there are full front to back airflow flushes to keep down heat and sweat. The face-shield is constructed using a 3D design and has 95% UV protection, anti-scratch coating and uses an anti-fog system.

From: hjchelmets.com


This is the sort of helmet that would suit someone riding a classic motorbike, like a Harley or a Triumph. Comes with hand-painted exterior and hand-stitched interior padding, an injection-molded ABS outer shell and a chin bar cushion for extra comfort. Most parts can be easily removed for cleaning and the helmet meets the DoT safety standards.

From: biltwellinc.com

A no-nonsense, versatile, modular helmet that can be worn in a variety of riding situations. It is a flip front helmet that has been modified in both the closed and open positions. When in the open position the aerodynamics of the helmet are vastly improved. High-tech fabrics have been incorporated inside the helmet and attention has been paid to where the stitching has been placed.

From: www.agv.co.uk

Motorcycle Helmets

The EXO-AT950 is undeniably a multi-tasking motorcycle helmet as you can keep the external peak visor attached and use it as a full face ADV helmet, or remove the visor and it becomes much more aerodynamic. The chin-bar can be raised, which is convenient if you don’t want to take off the whole helmet when buying gas or asking for directions, and there’s a really large shield that provides an enhanced peripheral view.

From: scorpionusa.com

Motorcycle Helmets

Available in spring, this new product from Schuberth, the R2 contains integrated antenna, speakers and a microphone, not only that but there are extras features built in, such as fresh air intakes in the chin and forehead regions and fast removable cheek pads. Interior fabrics are anti-bacterial, removable and fast-drying. A great price for anyone who wanted a Schuberth but couldn’t quite afford one.

From: schuberth.com

Motorcycle Helmets

Klim’s K1R offers perfectly balanced aerodynamics with a lightweight shell that is comfortable and strong. Built around a carbon core, this is a highly-engineered helmet that is great for long or short distances and gives you elevated vision.

From: klim.com

 Motorcycle Helmets

This new design from Arai features a rounder shell that is shaped to take impacts at a better angle as it absorbs the energy more efficiently, yet without increasing drag or weight. The ventilation is much improved by the six large vents, and there is an adjustable face shield which allows you to position it lower on the shell.

From: araiamericas.com

Motorcycle Helmets

This head-lining track helmet now got even better with an upgraded hydration system that includes metal air vents and a “biplano” spoiler with multiple wings that maximises aerodynamic performance and adds stability at higher speed (tested in wind tunnels). The shell of the helmet is made from 100% carbon fibre which is designed to fit comfortably with a racing suit.

From: agv.co.uk

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