Eight of the Best Cruelty-Free Vegan Lipsticks

Eight of the Best Cruelty-Free Vegan Lipsticks

If you are vegan and want to wear make-up you have to be extremely careful. Not just because you will always have to justify your choices to someone who wants to question what you are wearing, but also because you genuinely care about the suffering of animals.

Many bright red lipsticks are formulated using a red dye called carmine, which, to the uninitiated, is made by crushing and boiling around 70,000 cochineal insects to make just one pound of the dye.

Vegans also have to steer clear of beeswax, instead, opting for a planted-based substitute for the main constituent of the lipstick.

If you are in any doubt about whether a lipstick is vegan or cruelty-free, go for a label that is well-known for its vegan credentials, such as The Body Shop.

Here’s our recommendations:

vegan lipsticks

These vegan lipsticks use plant-based ingredients to create a smooth and moisturising lip colour. The ivy, mallow and elderflower nourish the lips and the colour is long lasting.

From: beautybay.com

vegan lipsticks

These vegan lipsticks come in a range of on-trend metallic shades and give you up to 16 hours of long-lasting coverage. They are also waterproof and come in a number of different shades.

From: justmylook.co.uk

vegan lipsticks

Just this one colour from PHB but it is a universal shade that is flattering to all skintones. It moisturises lips and keeps them from drying out, it is enriched with anti-aging oils and rich organic butters. 100%, Vegan, cruelty free & gluten free.

From: lovelula.com

  • Iconic London Lip Paint – £16.50

vegan lipsticks

Big attitudes need a bold lipstick and this one from iconic could fit the bill. A pigmented lip shade, it comes in seven different colours, all bright and primary as well as scented and long-lasting. Just one swipe of the wand is enough thanks to the thick consistency.

From: iconiclondoninc.com

vegan lipsticks

Kat Von D has decided to switch her entire brand over to vegan friendly products but for now we will have to be satisfied with this lipstick collection. Possibly the largest number of shades in a vegan friendly range we’ve ever seen, a huge 39 different colours, all vitamin-enriched that last a good 12 hours.

From: debenhams.com

vegan lipsticks

These vegan lipsticks have won awards and are not just vegan but organic too. They contain moisturising avocado and jojoba seed oils and you can choose from 12 shades. Inika say that as the lipstick warms up the colour starts to intensify so when you apply press firmly on the lips for the best effect.

From: planetorganic.com

A liquid lip colour here from Nars that “glide like a gloss and cloaks like a lipstick”. Founder of Nars, Francois Nars is a vegan so you know you are getting the real deal when you buy any Nars products.

From: houseoffraser.co.uk

All natural and organic, you get some really great shades from Axiology. The avocado keeps your lips moisturised and the brand do not use palm oil and donate a percentage of their profits to wildlife charities. Not only that but the packaging is handmade by female artisans in Bali from recycled island waste.

From: alyaka.com

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