Education’s role on the society at large

Both education and society are terms which are interlinked. They are not interdependent though and can exist without the other. We can call education as a tool to improve, expand and illuminate a society. Education as we know influences an individual, the individual in turn the people around him and that in no time becomes the whole society. In fact, recent studies about society have been possible for education itself. Pioneering works and theories have been formulated because of education. Education is a byproduct of society, because without a society education is not necessary. Yes, the concept of knowledge remains as long as man remains, but then again man is a social animal.

What is a society?

It is necessary for us to try to understand what exactly we mean when we say the term society, before we try to figure out the relationship between it and education. When we refer to a society we broadly mean a human society. The foremost component of a society is its people. These people are interlinked with each other through some form of relation. How is this relationship determined or rather formed? When people share a common geographical area, belong to the same country and share certain values and customs they develop a kinship which results in the formation of a society. A society always thrives to maintain harmony and avoids scopes for discrepancies. The basic aim of the society pronounces that one man should benefit from the other and thus develop a bond. This interdependency is bound to maintain the status co. There are many aspects of society like economy, culture, industry etc. A society manipulates and formulates an individual’s view of the world. Society thrives on basic human co-operation and collaboration.

Education and society

Education is something which an individual benefits from. Who is this individual? The person who is fortunate enough to receive education. However, is it only this person who benefits? A proper education brings about certain changes in a person. He is likely to become more open-minded and adaptable. He becomes apt in the ways of the world. His thinking becomes radical. The society in which he presides also benefits from his ideas as consciously or unconsciously he percolates these ideas into the channels of the society. The society undergoes a small change. Now, the larger mass of the society starts to receive education. There are radical changes in the society. It gains importance. It becomes more adaptable to changes. Its thoughts and views broaden and it becomes more liberal. Almost every individual finds a place in this society. A society needs education for a harmonious survival. Education and knowledge have since time immemorial brought about changes in the society. From the ancient civilizations to today, education is a key factor for the growth of the society. An education system exists today because the concept of education influences a society. The more the number of educated individuals in the society the more is its flexibility.

Thus, we can conclude that education and society are bound in a symbiotic relationship.

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