Education helps in building a country’s character

Education is an integral part of everybody’s life. It is essentially a necessity. By education I do not mean necessarily a degree. A basic level of education is a must. Education gives one the idea of what should be done and what shouldn’t be. It teaches us ethics and informs us more about the society in general, so that it becomes easier for the individual to adjust to it. Education makes a person more competent. In turn the society becomes much more open and adjustable. In short the society becomes more flexible. It can easily adjust to the changing times and can evolve accordingly. Society is what makes a country. With the advancement of the society the country also progresses hand in hand.

The role of the people

Who makes a country and who shapes its character? The answer is simple- the society. Now, who makes up the society? People. So how the society and in turn the country functions as a whole depends on the individuals who make up the country. If the country men are educated the country develops more. There are certain factors which lead to the importance of education for a country, which we shall deal with sometime later. People who are uneducated or unaware of the qualities and benefits to be derived out of education end up being illiterate and incompatible with his or her surroundings. A sound knowledge of what is going on where is absolutely essential for everyone no matter what they do or where they stay. When one interacts with a person from some other country he or she tries to get an impression about that country from where the person is through this interaction. A clever, sound and most importantly an educated person presents a good picture of the country.

How education helps in a country’s growth

The idea of incorporating education amongst all the classes was essentially a result of capitalism. The bid to earn more and more money increased during this political movement and the European colonizers for their benefit started to introduce their system of education in their colonies since the educated laborers produced more than uneducated ones. Education began to be imparted initially for the benefit of commerce. Thus skilled and educated labor produced more than the illiterate ones. So education helps in the commercial growth of the country which gives it a superior status in the whole world view. A country is also judged by its progress in the field of science and arts. All this is not possible if the larger mass of the country is not educated.

Development is directly proportional to education. That is why there is a bid to propagate a 100% literacy rate throughout the various countries of the world. States with a 100% literacy rate are always given a special status and recognition. Education is perhaps one of the most integral factors in building up the character of a country. It is essential for a nation building process as well.


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