Education – a key to success

All of us have been born with some qualities and nurturing them is the basis of education. Some of us can write well while some of us can sing well. Some of us can work well while some of us have some very special ways of thinking and analyzing matters. Each one of us something or the other within ourselves and we are born with them. Education helps us in developing all those qualities so that we can be successful in our lives. In this article we would see how education plays a role to success.

What do we mean by real education?

Learning well and implementing the learning in the best possible way at the correct place is what we mean by real education. Getting higher degrees and grabbing the highest grades in the class would do nothing good to you if you do not know how to live your life well by implementing your learning in your life. Deciding things on your own is what we mean by real education. For getting a real education you need to have a great relation with your teacher who would help you and in every possible way. Once you have a good teacher you tend to follow the path which is right for you and thus you flourish in your life. This is what real education is all about.

Education:- a key to success

Let see how education helps us in establishing our own identity.

Job opportunities and education :- the more you are educated, the better job you get. This is universal truth. The more you are educated you stand out amongst the people in the crowd. Specialized knowledge would always help you to bag a job. It might not promise success but again as said if you implement you learning well then no one can stop you from being successful. •

Development and education :- education is responsible for developing your mental, social and also physical self. You meet new people and you start to socialize. Your confidence, smartness and ability to speak are developed. You get friends and this helps you to have a life of your own. Physical education also helps in developing some of the physical qualities like dynamism, alertness etc and many more. It also boosts your belief in yourself. Education in whole makes us a better person and moulds us into someone who has character.

Provides us with requisite skills :- schools and colleges not only give us formal education but also helps us in acquiring some of the skills which are needed to survive in the competitive world. Through experience, training and books etc education helps us to be diligent in our work and thus paves the way to success.

Education and experience :- there are lots of schools and colleges who educated students by giving hands on experiences. Success and education are both very relative terms and no one can survive without each other. They go hand in hand.

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