Eco Friendly Gifts for Him and Her

We’ve all heard the messages from the government and pro active groups, telling us to reduce our carbon footprint and cut down on packaging and to recycle wherever we can. And with taxes on long flights and petrol and road tax affecting all of us, it’s no wonder we do not pay much attention to this message when it comes to buying presents. Many of us tend to go to the main stores and purchase well-known brands that have little or no say in the green movement, but what if you could keep your carbon footprint relatively low and still get fabulous gifts for your loved ones? Well, if you’ve been searching for environmentally friendly gifts for the man or woman in your life, you’ll love the practical, functional, and desirable range, chosen from the best recycled, organic, green and eco and environmentally friendly products around that we have found. All these eco-friendly items would make great gifts for that special man or woman in your life!

For Her

Woven Bucket bag – £17.95 – (top left)

Made from recycled juice packs – non-biodegradable foil and plastic packaging that would otherwise go into landfill sites and incinerators, and are created in the Philippines by a women’s cooperative.

Antique Style Silvered Tea Light Holder – £5.99 – (top right)

This pretty tea light holder is made from recycled glass with a crackled silver lining that glows with a golden light when illuminated with a tea light.

Swallow Mobile – £12.95 – (bottom right)

This beautiful kinetic mobile perfectly captures the balletic swoops and swerves of swallows in flight. 

The Little Organic Box of Happiness – £19.39 – (bottom left)

A great gift for someone who needs a little pick-me-up, or a great pre-party treat for yourself.

Orange Tree – £49.99 – (middle)

This Orange Tree looks fabulous in a hallway, conservatory or even out on the patio during Summer.

For Him

Herbal Man Gift Box – £20.41 – (bottom middle)

A great gift for a man who likes to take care of himself, or one who needs a bit of pampering (but doesn’t realise it!).

Recycled Razors and Spare Blades Set – £9.70 – (top right)

The Preserve recycled razor is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the disposable razor. In a previous life it was a yoghurt container!

Round Recycled Circuit Board Cufflinks – £19.99- (top left)

The circuit boards they’re recycled from could be green or gold, but due to the nature of recycled products, colour and design vary from set to set.

Solar Car Battery Maintainer 2.6W – £29.99 – (bottom left)

DZ Energy’s 170mA solar battery charger is a 2.6W solar powered car battery maintainer that will trickle charge a 12V car battery, keeping it topped up.

Luxury Bamboo Socks – £14.99 – (bottom right)

Bamboo fabric is anti-fungal (so no smells), and gentle on allergic or sensitive skin. It’s also totally sustainable and grows without harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

All products are available from www.nigelsecostore.com with standard delivery at around £3.95 and typically despatch time is 24 hours.

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