Plastic-Free July: 8 Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

This month is Plastic-Free July but just how easy is it to go without plastic for a complete month? There is a really helpful website called PlasticFreeJuly which gives great tips but here at Shoppersbase we have been featuring plastic-free products and ethical products for a while now.

That is why we wanted to add our voice to Plastic-Free July and showcase some of the best eco-friendly and ethical websites that sell plastic-free products. Some of these are fairly new start-ups, based in one person’s kitchen, others are much more established. All come highly recommended.

The Eco Friendly Shop

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

If you are new to a plastic-free way of living and want a go-to website that caters for just about everything you need, we suggest bookmarking the Eco-Friendly Shop. From household cleaning products, groceries, pet essentials to books, guides, stationary and gifts, this site has it covered.


Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

The idea behind OneStep is that each individual can take one step towards a greener lifestyle and together we can create a better future. This shop sells eco-friendly products from bamboo cotton buds, cornstarch dental floss, lavender kitchen cleaner and even natural rubber condoms.

The Wise House

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

The Wise House is an independent UK-based shop that sells everything from eco-friendly starter kits to nightwear. Delivery is usually within 48 hours and customers are thrilled with the innovative yet simple ideas behind some of the products.


Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites Want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Then head over to Boobalou. This website caters for those who are serious about ditching plastic and finding alternatives they can stick to. We love products like the reusable teabag and the 100% recycled aluminium foil which shows why it is important to wash foil and recycle it.

Protect the Planet

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

If you are looking for eco-friendly gifts that are also cruelty-free and plastic-free this site has a huge range of products. Whether you’re after recycled clothes, something to help out endangered wildlife or dinner mats made out of old magazines, we guarantee you’ll find the ideal gift for your eco-conscious friend.

Green Tulip

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

It can be hard to find green children’s toys. Typically they are made using different kinds of plastic which then can’t be easily recycled. So the only thing to parents can do is to reuse them. But Green Tulip wants us to move away from plastic toy production altogether. Its range of children’s toys uses all organic or natural elements such as recycled sawdust waste or cotton. They don’t just sell toys either, check out the website to see all their products.

Ethical Superstore

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

Groceries like cleaning and household products can be really difficult to source on a regular basis. This is where an online superstore is important and we like this one, purely for the variety and range of products. There are well-known brands like Ecover, Burts Bees, Dorset Cereals, Green & Blacks, Nature’s Path and Rice Dream to name a few. Just think of Ethical Superstore as the supermarket that sells ordinary groceries but green ones.

Wearth London

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Websites

Wearth London concentrates on natural beauty and skincare products that are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. Their products are handmade in small batches and are packaged in glass or metal bottles, reducing plastic and paper. Every step in the process of creating these products is considered on its affect on the environment. Their toiletries range from haircare to body washes and skincare and even sanitary products.



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