Eco-Friendly Coffee Capsules and Pods Suitable for Recycling or Composting

Do you love your coffee machine but worry about the plastic in the coffee pods? Many of us have ditched disposable coffee cups and water bottles. But what about our daily cuppa? Thankfully coffee manufacturers have wised up to the fact that consumers are demanding eco-friendly coffee capsules and pods.

There are many different types of eco-friendly coffee capsules and pods:

  • Recyclable: These are coffee capsules and pods that are made of recyclable material like aluminium and are treated just like any other tin. You can either wash them yourself and pop them in the recycling or return to the manufacturer.
  • Biodegradable: This is different from composting. Biodegradable means that the capsule or pod will eventually break down and can be thrown away.
  • Compostable: These capsules and coffee pods can be thrown in your composting or put into your food composting for collection.

Of course, the pod you choose all depends on the type of coffee machine you have. So how do the major brands deal with providing eco-friendly coffee capsules?

Tassimo: Do not offer compostable pods but you can recycle their capsules via drop off points across the UK. However, these points are few and far between.

Nespresso: Their pods are recyclable via their website but they don’t make compostable pods. However, they provide a special bag and have many places for customers to take their used pods.

Dolce Gusto: Do offer a recycling service but it is only available for customers who order through their website.

Lavazza: Don’t offer recycling for their pods but they do make a compostable pod.

Illy: Do not offer any kind of recycling or composting pods.

If you don’t know where to start looking for eco-friendly coffee capsules and pods, here are our recommendations:

**Because Nespresso offer such an easy way to recycle their pods, all of our recommendations fit the Nespresso machine.

Moving Beans Colombia Single Origin, Pack of 10: £2.80

Eco-Friendly Coffee Capsules and Pods

This is a great price for eco-friendly coffee capsules. You get 10 in the pack and each pod is fully compostable.

100% Compostable Nespresso Compatible Capsules: Intenso (Certified Organic) Pack of 10: £3.30

Eco-Friendly Coffee Capsules and Pods

Brazilian and Arabica beans provide a rich coffee in this blend. The coffee is organic and comes in fully-compostable pods, ten in every pack.

Roar Gill Rare Colombia 10 Espresso Pods: £5.75

Eco-Friendly Coffee Capsules and Pods

This brand take the environment seriously. Not only are these pods are biodegradable but the brand offset the carbon from their sea miles, the actual production is carbon neutral, the coffee is organic and the farmers are paid more than a living wage.  Lots of variety from this brand including Espresso and ways to purchase them. Choose a one-off pack, get free shipping over £30 or take out a subscription.

Volcano Balanced All Day (Nespresso Compatible Eco Coffee Pods) Pack of 10: £6.50

Eco-Friendly Coffee Capsules and Pods

This award-winning coffee is available in packs of 10 or 40 (£26.00) and you can choose your coffee strength. The Brazilian coffee is ethically traded and you can put the whole pod in your compost bin as they are made from corn-starch.

Pack of 60 Eden Project Biodegradable Coffee Capsules Gift Box: £19.99

Eco-Friendly Coffee Capsules and Pods

If you know someone with a Nespresso machine who is passionate about the environment this makes a great gift for Christmas. You get six different flavours of coffee including our favourite – Colombian and the whole pod is suitable for composting.

TerraMoka Discovery Pack – Biodegradable Coffee Capsules compatible with Nespresso®: £23.50

Eco-Friendly Coffee Capsules and Pods

If variety is the spice of your life then why not try this Discovery Pack from TerraMoka? You get five boxes of 15 pods in each. Each box is a different flavour including Arabica and decaffeinated. All pods are completely compostable.


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