Eco Friendly Cleaners: Do They Measure Up?

What is your first impression when you think of eco-friendly cleaners? That they are expensive? They are hard to find? They don’t do the job as well as bio degradable products? You don’t know why we should use them? Well, let’s answer the last point. Typically, cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that have to be man-made and most often are not tested on human beings. This is because there are warnings on the containers and we do not consume them. However, most of these chemicals have the ability to be absorbed into our skin either by our laundry or the cleaning agents we use. And as these chemicals are not generally listed on the containers, we do not know exactly what is going into our bodies. As for expensive, eco-friendly products work out about as expensive as well know brands such as Fairys or Bold and you can find them either at the supermarket (in a limited range) or online. Performance wise, for a standard household I’d say they measure up pretty well. The only cleaning aspect that may let these products down is in laundry, where you want whiter than white shirts or sports gear. But even having said that, eco cleaning products have come a long way since they first came onto the market and now there is a OxoBrite Laundry Whitener, just for brightening up your whites.

To give you an idea of the range of eco-friendly products available now, have a look at some we have listed below from Greenbrands.co.uk

OxoBrite Laundry Whitener & Brightener – 908g – £6.95

Just like the famous pink brands, OxoBrite harnesses the incredible power of oxygen to whiten, brighten and de-odorise laundry and fabrics. Boosts the power of Ecos laundry liquid or can be used to soak washing. And of course, it’s perfectly natural. Price comparison – Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White 1kg tub is £8.99.

ECOS Laundry Liquid Magnolia & Lily – 2.96L – £13.75

ECOS is a concentrated laundry liquid made from plant extracts with a built-in soy-based fabric softener. Fragranced with comforting essential oils of magnolia and lily. The 2.96L bottle contains enough for 100 typical washes. At £13.75 that works out at just 13.8p a wash including fabric softener. Price comparison – Fairy Non Bio Liquid 2.25L 30 washes – £8.99.

Ecover Lemon & Aloe Vera Washing Up Liquid – 1L – £1.78

With the bright, clean scent of Ecover Washing Up Liquids, doing the dishes is always a pleasure, never a chore. The zesty cleaning power of Lemon and Aloe Vera will whizz through your dinner dishes; It cleans and degreases efficiently being kind to your hands and ensuring no residue of unnecessary chemicals are left on your dishes. Price comparison – Fairy Green Apple & Lime Blossom Washing Up Liquid – 740ml – £1.80.

Orange Mate Concentrate De Greaser – 500ML – £3.80

Free rinsing and phosphate-free, Earth Friendly’s Orange Mate uses natures’ own cleaner, orange oil, to help penetrate and emulsify grease and grime. It has a delicate natural orange fragrance and comes in 2 strengths. The Ready-To-Use multi-surface cleaner with a trigger spray and Concentrate in a standard bottle. The Concentrate is for heavier grease removal e.g. oven hobs, baking trays or can be diluted for larger areas like cleaning tiled floors. Price comparison – Flash All Purpose Cleaner – 200ml – £2.00.

Furniture Polish – 500ml – £3.80

A best seller from Earth Friendly with a loyal customer following. A luxurious product, made from natural olive oil, orange oil and water. Light and easy to use, it cleans and beautifies wood and hard surfaces and has a subtle orange fragrance. Price comparison – Method Touch Wood – 354ml – £4.38.

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