10 Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts for those worried about the Climate

You tend to get a lot of excess packaging and plastic at this time of year. Fiddly little plastic gifts in Christmas crackers that people just throw away, wrapping paper that gets binned, or even gifts that are so cheap they fall apart after a couple of uses. However, with the rise of concern about climate change, people are now asking for either a donation to a green charity or a more eco-friendly and green Christmas gift. If you respect your friends and family who are worried about climate change, here are the best eco-friendly and green Christmas gifts for 2019.

Ginger Fox 30 Days Wonderful World Eco-Friendly Cards: £5.00

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

For people who don’t know where to start when it comes to being green, this box called Better World is packed with ideas on cards on how to live an eco-friendly life.

Bambooth® – Coral Pink – Medium Bristles: £4.99

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

One of the biggest impacts you can make is to ditch your toothbrush. But many people don’t know where to start. Help them out with a new bamboo toothbrush. They will soon get used to the feel of it and never go back to plastic.

WakeUp Zero Waste Starter Kit: £58.00

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

This is perfect if you know someone who feels passionately about the environment but cannot afford to buy every single item required to be green. This start kit includes a paperbag backpack, a bamboo water bottle and a bamboo coffee cup, a bamboo straw and 10% of profits goes to marine charities.

Lefrik Olive Billy Bag: £45.00

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

What do we do with all the plastic bottles sent to landfill? Recycle them into this fabulous gym bag that’s what! This bag is made using plastic bottles which are recycled down into a waterproof fabric that is super-strong.

The Present Tree Wild Plum Tree Gift: £35.00

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

What better way to save the planet than the gift of a tree? There are many different varieties on offer including cherry, hawthorn and rose but this plum is the gift that literally keeps on giving.

Elvis & Kresse Reclaimed Firehose Billfold Wallet with Coin Pocket: £78.50

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

A wonderful way of reusing unusual material here with this wallet made from genuine decommissioned old firehose material. Not only that but the lining is reclaimed military-grade silk.

Chilly’s Emma Bridgewater Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 500ml: £25.00

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

Chilly’s do a range of stylish water bottles so it was hard to pick one from their selection. All of them keep cold drinks cool for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. They are BPA free, do not sweat, have a leak-proof lid and save plastic going into landfill.

Hanging Bird Feeder: £8.99

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

Our native birds are falling in numbers, but they are an essential part of the food chain. Keep them fed in the winter months with this simple bird feeder.

Naked Necessities Naked Shaving Kit: £25.00

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

Plastic razors are the scourge of our oceans and landfill. This is because they cannot be recycled due to the mixture of flimsy metal and hard plastic. But you can do away with disposable razors with this smart shaving kit. It includes a quality razor, a shaving soap and five extra blades.

Boskke Sky Planter Small: £16.90

Eco-Friendly and Green Christmas Gifts

A perfect way to add greenery into a small living space. These sky planters not only clean the surrounding air but studies show that having living foliage near you has great health benefits too.


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