eBay Launches StubHub: Where fans can buy and sell tickets

With all the reports in the press recently about fake tickets, tickets not arriving in time, or sold out gigs that have been deliberately bought up by touts, the new website by Stubhub could be a welcome solution to our ticket woes.


First up, Stubhub is a company owned by eBay, so you not only have the massive support behind this major player in the buying and selling market, but the site is rapidly becoming the world’s largest ticket marketplace. Stubhub is a site for all fans of any genre of music, entertainment, sports or comedy, and buying or selling couldn’t be easier.


You can access the buying section by simply typing in the name of the artist/band/comedy act or sport that you want to buy tickets for, then you’ll be directed to a new page with a list of results. Click on any result and you can view what tickets are available, where they are in relation to the theatre or stadium, and by hovering over a seat allocation, you can see exactly how many are available and how much they cost.


We particularly like the way the buying criteria is sorted out, with nice pop up stadium or theatre seating maps, that you can fiddle about with filters, changing price range and where you want to sit, to obtain the best tickets for you.

Once you have decided which tickets you want to buy, simply place your order and wait for the tickets to arrive.

If you are selling tickets for a particular event, you can list your tickets for free and set your price. If they sell, you then send your tickets to the buyer and receive payment after the event.


So why not just sell your tickets on eBay? Well, StubHub backs every order, whether you are buying tickets or selling them with their FanProtect™ Guarantee so you can buy and sell with 100% confidence.

For instance, if you are buying tickets from Stubhub, they guarantee that you will get your tickets in time for the event, that the tickets will be valid for entry and that the tickets will be the same as those you ordered. Stubhub say that if any of these things do not occur, they will find you comparable or better tickets to the event, or offer you a refund. You can also call them from the venue if you find that you are not allowed access to the event if there is a problem with the tickets you have been sold. Stubhub will endeavour to find on your behalf, suitable replacement tickets for that night, or will refund you.

And if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will get a refund.


For sellers, Stubhub guarantee that you will receive payment for all tickets that you sell and deliver in accordance with the StubHub User Agreement, policies and emails they send you. You can adjust your ticket prices any time before they sell and if you sell your tickets and deliver them in accordance with the StubHub User Agreement, but there is a problem with the delivery that was not caused by your actions or inaction, you will still get paid for the sale.

Stubhub will enter into any dispute on you behalf as buyers or prospective buyers are not permitted to contact you.


With Stubhub you can set price alerts to email you when a particular event has tickets within your price range, and you can also sell tickets using their Last Minute Service Centres, which means that late available tickets are dropped off at a venue near to the event location and you can pick them up en route.

So next time you are searching for tickets, or you have some to sell, why not consider Stubhub? You know it makes sense!

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