Eating right during pregnancy



Pregnancy, the most memorable and priceless days of a woman’s life! The excitement of a new member coming in your family, it is indeed a woman’s best feeling! Good nutrition during pregnancy is of utmost importance for the growth and development of the baby as well for the mother’s health too. Although nausea and vomiting can make it difficult during the first few months of pregnancy, a well balanced diet is absolutely essential. Intake of prenatal vitamins and supplements is also elemental. But it is always recommended by most gynecologists to have a nutritious diet the natural way than taking to dietary supplements.

Eating a variety of foods to obtain the maximum possible nutrients is advisable. The recommended daily servings must include grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and protein sources. During pregnancy morning sickness, diarrhea, constipation are very common problems faced by most of the women. It often becomes difficult to follow the diet chart regularly or at times you might just not be able to eat the right food at all. However, you have to manage with eating something or the other at regular intervals of time. You must choose food items that are high in fiber like whole grains, cereals, rice etc. Eating crackers, cereal or pretzels helps reduce the sensation of vomiting to a great extent. You must eat small and frequent meals throughout the day than hogging at once. You must also avoid fatty, fried and greasy foods lest you might develop acidity problem. Milk intake is also absolutely essential so that you get sufficient calcium. Drinking ample water is also important during pregnancy so as to keep you well hydrated. Besides, 6-8 glasses of water every day also helps reduce the common problem of constipation. Vitamin C can be obtained naturally through oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, cauliflower, green peas, sprouts, tomatoes etc. Intake of folic acid is very important for the development of brain and other vital organs of the fetus. You can go with the folic acid pills along with dietary sources like green leafy vegetables, legumes etc. Folic acid intake also helps in reducing the chances of neural tube defects in the growing fetus. Vitamin A can be obtained from carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, apricots, pumpkins etc. Iron intake is very important during pregnancy. Iron helps in increasing the resistance towards stress, irritability, tiredness, weakness, depression and diseases. The best iron sources include food items enriched with grain products, meat, poultry, fish, green leafy vegetables etc.  

Following a balanced diet as suggested by the dietician is absolutely essential for the overall health of both the mother and the baby. Avoiding certain kinds of foods is also of prime importance. Alcohol intake has to be completely avoided during pregnancy. It can lead to various complications like premature delivery of the baby, mental retardation, birth defects etc. The intake of caffeine should also be reduced plus limiting the amount of fat and cholesterol is also important. Sea food is nutritious however shark, king mackerel, filefish etc. contain high levels of the element mercury. Hence they should be avoided. Studies have also shown that cheese is often unpasteurized hence should be avoided. However, hard cheese, processed cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt can be eaten. Food cravings are very common during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the taste for certain types of foods may change in addition to urges to eat certain food items. You may suddenly dislike foods that you were fond of eating before pregnancy. It is good to eat what you feel like eating however, it will be very unhealthy for both the mother and the baby if you indulge into these food carvings. Cravings for ice cream, sweet items, and excessively spicy food products etc. in a limited quantity and sometimes are acceptable. However, making it a regular habit and avoiding the intake of other nutritious products is completely unacceptable for the fetal development.   

Maintaining a proper diet and nourishment is the key to obtaining optimal brain performance and also other organs of the body. Most of the common health ailments can be prevented or at least improved greatly by a healthy and balanced diet. So all those expecting mothers stop thinking about dieting at this stage. It will prove to be detrimental not only for you as well as your child’s health. Hence, take a balanced diet and follow the list of food items that must be taken and avoided for a healthy you and your child!     

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