New easyGym offers Pay as You Go Membership!


The orange and white signs are synonymous now with budget airlines, but their association with cheap travel is about to expand, as Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyJet, has decided to move into the exercise and fitness industry.

The 45-year-old entrepreneur and founder of many budget ‘easy’ companies, which now include easyCar, easyOffice, easyVan and easyPizza, has formed a new easy – easyGym, which aims to take the stress out of gym membership, making it cheaper and easier to use. And with gym membership being one of the biggest wastes of money, as people sign up and then fail to use the facilities, he could be onto a winner.


easyGym has a ‘Pay as You Go’ system, in which you can have a Day Pass for £5; this allows you a Day Pass to the gym and includes one class. or you can purchase a gym membership at £15.99 per month, and top this up with extras as you want.

Stelios says that he wants his members the choice to pay for the things they use, not for the things they don’t, therefore, everyone joins the gym on the same price, but can choose to add ‘optional extras’ to their membership. The extras include Unlimited Classes where you can take part in as many classes as you like every month! This costs an additional £11.99 per month to your membership fees. There is also the Previa Media Entertainment Pack for an additional £1.99 a month, which is designed to give you a more interesting workout. The Preva Media Pack is available on all our P80 cardio consoles and gives you access to:

  • Internet – Browse through featured and popular topics or search with Google
  • Workout Guides – For different fitness goals, the status bar will give you immediate feedback on your workout
  • iPod/iPhone Connectivity – Listen to your favourite music or video playlists, whilst charging your device
  • TV Channels

These optional extras can be added during the joining process or at any time in the Member Zone – and can also be removed from membership in the Member Zone if you decide you no longer want them.

So far locations include Birmingham, Cardiff, London Ilford, London Oxford St, London West Croydon, Slough, Southampton and Wood Green, with Southampton opening on March 11 2013, but easyGym is expanding fast all over the UK so look out for future dates.


Once you have joined you’ll be sent your unique 8 digit pin number. Your PIN allows you access to the front entrance of the gym and the turnstiles, and will be used with our biometric technology. On your first visit to the gym you’ll need to use your PIN and enroll your biometric at one of the joining stations, at the gym entrance. Then all you need to do is grab a sweat towel & padlock (you can also purchase these from our vending machines), book an induction or any classes in the member zone and off you go!


easyGyms also employ Personal Trainers which can really help to transform your workout. Sessions with PT’s start at £20 per hour and have to be pre booked, as all of the PT’s are self-employed, and therefore sessions are booked with them directly.

To find out a bit more about the PT’s available at each location, you can click on their profile on the individual gym pages, in the Member Zone, and in the gym – which shows their qualifications, specialisations & an online contact form. Or, once you are in the gym, why not have a chat with them on the gym floor today to find out how they can help with your specific goals.


Oh and to celebrate four new gyms opening this New Year, Stelios is offering membership at just £4.99 for the first 300 sign ups at each of the four new gyms. But hurry, they are being snapped up pretty quickly! (Remaining number of £4.99 memberships available correct at time of publication of this article.)

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