Easy Steps to Making a Garment Bag

A garment bag is a very useful piece of luggage to have either at home or during travelling.  It allows us to protect our clothes from damages that may be caused by dust, moths and other closet or baggage substances.  Although you can buy garment carriers in most department stores, the problem with pre-made bags is that they come in just a specific size.  If you are planning to put a dress or a gown inside the bag, it may be better to have a customized garment container for you.  However, if you are a do-it-yourself type of person, this can be a good home project.

The garment bag that you will need can be made of fabric or plastic.  Most people prefer plastic garment carriers because it makes the clothes water-proof.  However, some others prefer cloth garment sacks because of the added stylishness they give.  Cloth bags are also easier to clean because they are machine washable, as opposed to plastic garment carriers that you have to manually clean.

Making your own garment bag is as easy as any other sewing project.  Let’s take for example garment sacks made of plastic.  You will need a large plastic sheet, bias tape and zipper.  Simply pile the specific dress or set of clothes that you are planning to put into the bag onto two sheets of plastic.  Make sure that the clothes are placed on hangers and that the sleeves or trains are naturally hanging to represent their correct size and length.  Draw a dot to outline the dresses, carefully putting a few inches of margin at the edge.  The opening of the garment bag is at the bottom and this is where you will insert the hanger and clothes when being used. Tape the edges together and stitch the sides that will be closed.  Make sure that you follow the curves made at the sleeves and the shoulders.  Once all the sides have been stitched together, sew the zipper at the bottom and check the sides again to make sure that the stitches are in place.

Once you are comfortable making garment sacks, you can move on to bigger luggage items like a sweater bag and even a tote.  These are very useful pieces of luggage to have.  Garment totes are especially important in preserving precious clothes like gowns and formal clothing that you want to use for other occasions or even pass on to your children.  With a garment bag, you will be able to save a lot of on clothes and can even start a business of sewing garment carriers for your family and friends.

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