Easy Recipes for Lazy Days

Whether you’re a student with little cooking acumen or simply a parent seeking quick recipes for a lazy evening in with the kids, these recipes can provide you with a reasonably well-rounded meal for little money and very little effort. Why not consider them next time you need something quick and cheap to whip up in a hurry?

Pizza bread is a lovely meal, and pizza as a whole is generally popular with most of the population. But making your own pizza bread is a matter of minutes and can feed your children something from every required food group. Follow this simple recipe for a tasty alternative to the deep-dish:


–         Part-baked mini baguettes,

–         Cheese,

–         Can or box of chopped tomatoes,

–         Other toppings to taste (sliced peppers, pepperoni, sweetcorn… The list goes on).


–         Pre-heat the oven and bake your mini baguettes as per the instructions on the packet,

–         Remove the baguettes, leaving the oven on, and slice them open lengthwise,

–         Arrange tops and bottoms on the oven tray,

–         Spread some of your chopped tomatoes on the bottoms and tops of the baguettes,

–         Add toppings to taste,

–         Top with generous helping of cheese,

–         Return to the oven until cheese is melted and hot.

You now have a delicious treat that cost very little money and was easy to prepare!

On the other hand, noodles are a staple of the student diet and often have a recurring role in the adult kitchen, too. But why not make them more nutritious for little money?


–         Packet of quick noodles such as Super Noodle,

–         Frozen peas,

–         Ham, cubed,

–         Cheese if required.


–         Cook the noodles on the hob, with slightly more water than usual,

–         Add around three tablespoons of frozen peas along with the noodles,

–         Add ham at the end of the cooking process,

–         Add cheese if required.

Your noodles now contain carbs, vegetables, and protein – and have become a lot more filling and satisfying, too.

Approach your meals with a creative spirit and bear in mind that meeting just one nutritional need is not enough. By adding bits and pieces here and there you can ensure your meal is as delicious as it is nutritious! Eating healthy, balanced meals helps your brain and body to perform at their peak, so don’t take the only-slightly-easier road!

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