Easy Care for Longer Hair

Long hair remains a source of pride for its wearers; whether thick and wavy or thin and straight, the ability to grow hair is inexplicably important for many women and men alike. But how do you care for it to keep it lush and healthy?

One thing many people don’t know is the fact that 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is not the best option for your hair. You’re better off using separate shampoo and conditioner to make sure you can provide your hair with the best care available. As far as what works best for your hair is concerned, you’ll have to spend some time looking around to double-check which shampoo gives you the best results. Think outside the box, though; Lush do some amazing solid bar shampoos and conditioners which are excellent at caring for hair.

If you have scalp issues you will want to clear those up first. Seborrhoeic dermatitis, for example, can cause pieces of your itchy scalp to come off in chunks, which can be sore, may bleed, and will cause your hair to look awful. Coal tar shampoo such as Polytar can help; use it as often as required. This may, however, make your hair quite dry and brittle. Polytar, as well as other brands of coal tar shampoo, make special recipes with a built-in conditioner which may relieve this problem. Olive-oil masks and organic leave-in conditioners can help as well; experiment with what works for you. Again, places such as Lush can help you with fun, nice-smelling solutions but you can Google for hair masks which are easily made at home, too. Regularly use a nice hot hair mask to replenish your hair, but be sure you use one suitable for your hair type.

Having your hair tied up is a necessity for many office-bound ladies and gentlemen, if their hair is longer. But it isn’t great for either your scalp or your hair. Make sure you give it plenty of time loose; get into the habit of taking it down and brushing it out before leaving the office. While brushing pulls some hair out, it also stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which needs it after spending a day tied up quite tightly. Alternatively, spend some time massaging your scalp at the end of the day with your hair loose; not only is this good for your scalp, it is also very relaxing. Why not ask your partner for a nice, indulgent scalp massage?

Make sure, if your hair has to be put up for work, that you vary the updo. While it’s tempting to put your hair up the same way every morning, you need to vary the ‘do as it will allow your scalp to adjust. If you put it in the same updo every single day, places under specific stress will begin losing hair and you may find yourself facing issues with those particular areas of your scalp. So mix it up! A pair of chopsticks can show a whimsical side while retaining a lot of professionalism, and a plain old clip as ease of use going for it.

Long hair can be lovely, but taking good care of it is imperative to keep it looking healthy, shiny and beautiful. Don’t forget that putting your hair out of the way for work is more than hiding your best asset – it gives you a chance to show it off in a whole new way. Enjoy!

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