Ease Your Week with Some Weekend Elbow Grease

If your household is anything like mine, your week will be a fraught affair involving a lot of running back and forth and stressing over the slightest bit of chaos. With children and pets added to the mix, the chaos multiplies and before you know it your week is a five-day funhouse of panic and horror. But what if you could take steps at the weekend, allowing you to simplify your life during the week? Read on for some tips.

Cooking is hugely time-consuming during the week, and when you’ve spent all day working hard it’s often too much to expect yourself to also cook a healthy, balanced meal. Why not invest in Tupperware, large Ziploc bags, and sizeable cooking pots? If you spend a few hours every weekend making a large pot of stew, spaghetti sauce, or curry you can easily end up with plenty of food in your freezer by the time you’ve done it for a few weeks. You’re then able to defrost what you need every day and cooking becomes a doddle on weekdays.

Do you need to wear tidily ironed shirts? Trousers with a crease? Spotlessly polished shoes? Take care of all of these issues at the weekend. It’s a boring way to spend a Saturday or Sunday, but it will save you time, energy and stress during the week. You can’t put a price on that, really, so go for it and enjoy sitting back and resting on your laurels from Monday till Friday. The same goes for laundry – it’s tempting to leave it all in the hamper over the weekend, but making sure you clear the backlog before the weekend is over allows you to relax and have all the clothes you and your family will need.

Give your home a good clean. Not just at the weekend – you really do have better things to do! Just set up a schedule whereby you clean one or two areas of the house every day on top of the chores that need to be done every day. Rather than getting overwhelmed and sacrificing a weekend to a hasty in-depth job, keep on top of the mess with daily cleaning excursions that will keep your house more homogenously in order and allow you plenty of free time during your days off.

The weekend is often the time for families to spend time together and everyone to relax. But using it wisely and scheduling your weekdays carefully will allow you to spend your weekdays in a far more relaxed environment!

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