DVD Box Sets: Yay or Nay?

Some television series just grab you. The plight of the characters, the plot developments, the dialogue, the special effects. They just grab you, and hold you, and you can’t look away. When the DVD box set comes out, you rush to your local DVD shop – or hop onto the internet – and off you go… You spend twenty, thirty, forty pounds and bring it home so you can watch it whenever you like. Have you ever stopped to consider the pros and cons of doing so?

Pro: You Get to Watch Your Favourite Series Whenever You Want

This is a big pro, and especially if you’ve gotten quite attached to the characters and the paradigm in which they exist, it is a very attractive prospect. You’ll be able to simply pop a DVD into the player and watch the episodes you want without the hassle of advertising breaks or irritating announcers.

Con: Series Are Repeated Constantly

Popular series are often repeated every few months, if not continuously. Friends, for example, has been on E4 on a daily basis for months, if not years, and despite repeated threats that they would pack it in, they have shown absolutely no sign of relenting. If you can watch the series you love for no more than you already pay for your television service, it may seem unreasonable to spend more money on DVD box sets.

Pro: Bonus Material

Many DVD box sets contain bonus material such as interviews, making-ofs and even unaired episodes. Not only can you enjoy the episodes you’ve already seen on the television, you can also watch extra material allowing you to learn more about the shows you love, the people in them, and the way they are made.

Con: Existing Series Often Cost More Bought Singly

If you wait until a series is over entirely, you can practically always save a bundle buying the full box set instead of buying each season as it comes out. This can save you a bomb over the course of a longer series, and is certainly worth considering. When these complete sets come out, they also often contain extra bonus material not available with the individual seasons, so you could be missing out if you purchase each season as the DVD box set gets on Amazon.

Whether or not you decide to buy DVD box sets, they can certainly help you to enjoy your favourite series for years and years to come. Consider whether, and when, you’ll want to purchase your DVD box sets and you could be taking control of your viewing pleasure.

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