Duchess of Cambridge Borneo Photographs go on show

Photo Credit: AP

She is probably the most photographed woman on the planet and is used to appearing in front of a camera lens, with the paparazzi snapping away furiously at her. So it is with much interest that we can now see what the Duchess of Cambridge is looking at when she views the world, as a set of photographs she snapped whilst on a trip to Borneo with prince William, have now been released to the public. The seven pictures feature an orangutan hanging in a tree, views of the rainforest taken whilst in a light aircraft,a palm oil plantation and tall trees. Kate took the photographs back in September, and they have proved to be so popular that due to overwhelming demand, the couple’s website, http://www.dukeandduchessofcambridge.org/, was temporarily unavailable.

The Duchess revealed seven photographs of her trip to Borneo, which included one taken during a private walk through part of the jungle, close to the Danum Valley research station. In another picture the Duke and Duchess were hoisted high into the tree canopy above the rainforest and were lucky enough to spot an endangered Borneo Orangutan. There is one photograph of Mount Kinabalu which is the highest point in Borneo, with an elevation of 4,095 (13,435 ft) above sea level. This photo was taken by The Duchess on the flight to Solomon Islands. Another picture shows a palm oil plantation which the couple flew over on their way to the Royal Society research station in Sabah, Malaysia. A picture of a tall jungle tree was snapped as the couple were travelling by car through the rain forest in Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysia.

The pictures capture the couple’s amazing surroundings in the jungle but were taken during trying times in the couples lives as paparazzi snaps of the Duchess sunbathing topless were published the same month on holiday in France. The photographs show the scenery of Borneo pretty well for an amateur but does Kate have any talent to make it as a professional photographer? Well, old hand Harry Page, who has worked as a Fleet Street staff photographer on two national titles for over 30 years, says no. Harry says: “It’s a good first effort and full marks to her for putting them out there and inviting critique, that is very brave as an amateur, but technically they are not brilliant. It looks like the pictures have all been take in colour and then turned to black and white, meaning they lose a lot of impact. She was in a lush rainforest in a beautiful part of the world which would have been filled with amazing colours and shades so to lose all of that is a real shame.‘Black and white pictures can be more interesting but here it adds nothing to the picture. My least favourite shot is the one of the orangutan – I thought Rod Hull’s Emu had curled up and died on film. But some of the jungle shots are good, and she definitely shows potential. My advice to her is to get some proper lessons from a professional photographer. She is in such a privileged position and will spend the rest of her life travelling around the world with unique access to the most amazing sites, a few professional pointers would enable her to make the most of her potential.”

You can make up your own mind about the Duchess’ photographs by clicking on the couple’s website http://www.dukeandduchessofcambridge.org/

All photographs copyright The Duchess of Cambridge

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