Dubai: Holiday in The New Shopping Capital of the World

Dubai is a city of contrasts – the opulence of the city and its many water features versus the stark and rugged beauty of the desert. Dubai is widely acknowledged as a shopper’s paradise. Competition between malls is fierce and every new mall seems to be even more outrageous than the last.

Not only are the malls huge – some of them would take days to explore – but they also have entertainment on offer that seems unbelievable. One mall in Dubai offers a ski resort, complete with real ice and snow; another houses a full-sized aquarium. Some of the less over the top malls have full-sized waterfalls. It seems that no expense is spared in construction in Dubai.

Not satisfied with the amount of land already available to them, the engineers in Dubai even started to build custom-made islands. These islands can be custom-made according to whatever the clients want. Why go to the trouble of looking for an uninhabited island miles away from civilisation and probably way too big for your needs? Go to Dubai and they will build an island for you.

Dubai’s skyscraper’s are amongst the tallest in the world and it seems that there is no limit to how high you can build in Dubai. Do you find the average game of tennis just a little too tame for you? Then play on the highest tennis court in the world – just remember that when a ball is out-of-bounds , it is really and truly out-of-bounds.

As a holiday destination, Dubai is fun and exciting. There is not much of old Dubai left to see but the rest of the city makes up for that. You can go to the souk for a chance to enjoy a bit of Arabic tradition. Be sure to barter though – that is part of the fun. Almost every type of cuisine is available so you can be as adventurous or as conventional as you like when dining. In Dubai, they believe that customer service is the most important part of the interaction and so customer service is amongst the best in the world.

As a holiday destination,Dubai offers the traveller a lot in terms of things to do and experiences to be had. Definitely a place worth visiting.

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