Dry Shampoo for Dogs: Would You Buy It?

I don’t know about you but over here in the UK we have been having some of the wettest weather since temperature and rainfall records began. And anyone who owns a dog knows that with wet weather comes wet fur, dirty paws and the stink of drying out your pooch before he pongs the whole house out. And that is after you’ve bathed him. For me, bathing my 8 month old black flat haired retriever is a complete nightmare, as although he is typical of his breed in that he loves the water, when it comes to bathe time, he suddenly panics and forgets his doggy genetics.

So I have to literally lift the by now, filthy and wet creature, into the bath, getting myself totally wet and dirty in the process, while he is desperately trying to get out. Don’t get me wrong, once he is in there he loves it, but then getting him out again is as hard as putting him in. He will not leave until all the water has drained down the plug hole, and then when the last of it is about to disappear he again panics and chases it,  ‘pawing’ the plug hole violently, as if he is trying to stop it leaving.

All in all bathing my dog is something I do not look forward to having to do. And this month, I’ve been doing it daily as we have had torrential downpours every day. So why am I telling you all this you might wonder? Because if you have a reluctant pooch who hates to bathe but still insists on getting down and dirty, you might want to take a look at this latest product from Fresh Dog.

Fresh Dog have created a new line of pooch-pampering products that promise to clean the messiest dog, and all without it setting one paw into a bath tub – music to my ears! The Fresh Dog products are specially formulated to keep your pup smelling fresh between baths, and come in an easy to use dry hair powder and a waterless foam bath. The dry shampoo smells of lavender and rosemary and is 100% natural; the ultimate quick fix for any dirty, smelly filthy dog. The waterless bath foam cleanses the coat and repels dirt, and has a super fresh grapefruit scent. The Fresh Dog products were inspired by the founder’s Wheaten Terrier, Hammy, whose bathing routine got a little touch-and-go after the birth of the founder’s daughter. The daughter suffered from colic and as such, poor Hammy was neglected and did not receive his regular baths. The founder of Fresh Dog, in desperation one day, after smelling his stinky pooch for the last time, threw a can of his wife’s dry shampoo over Hammy and hence – Fresh Dog was created! You can buy Fresh Dog whether you live in the US or the UK by following the links:

Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo – $15/£10

Instantly freshens your dog’s coat. A gentle, easy-to-use, deodorizing powder for dogs. Extends time between regular washings – For all hair/fur types – No water needed – Doesn’t strip topical flea treatments Free of dyes, parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, surfactants or detergents

Directions: Shake powder onto pooch. Massage vigorously into doggy hair with hands, cloth or brush. No water needed. Wipe away excess. Give your dog a hug.

Fresh Dog Tip: Also great for freshening carpets and pet bedding. Just sprinkle, let sit, then vacuum up!

Fresh Dog Waterless Foam – $12/£8

Dog bath in a bottle! No Water Needed. For All Hair/Fur Types.

No sticky residue. Repels dirt, dries quickly, but doesn’t strip topical flea treatments.

Directions: No water needed! Dispense foam generously into palm of hand and massage into coat. Apply foam until coat feels damp throughout. Rub well with towel to shake off dirt and dry. Tell your dog it rules. Indications: Safe for dogs and puppies 6 weeks of age and older.

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