Drum Sets: Pertinent Information

Percussion Plus 5-Piece Drum Kit

If you are getting started or are the intermediate drummer then the Percussion Plus 5-Piece drum set is for you. Five lugs per side on the floor tom, a bass drum with 8 lugs per side as well as w power toms make this drum set great for newbies. This Percussion Plus drum set also includes double-braced economy hardware; the drum set itself is long-lasting and the price is almost unbeatable for what you get. Everything is adjustable to meet your style and add-ons are available, but for a drummer that is new to intermediate, this set is more than enough.

Pearl CSC625P91 CenterStage 5 Piece Drum Set Shell Pack

Pearl is one of the best name brands in music and the Pearl CenterStage shell pack lives to the expectations. This drum set is mostly for beginners; as your experience progresses so should your drum set. But if you are just starting it will be difficult to find something better than Pearl CenterStage. It includes everything you can want to learn the ropes and to sound like you have been drumming for years. Only thing to remember is that hardware is not included on this drum set, so all that you will get for this price is the tom and drum holders, but for the price and the quality of pearl it is well worth it. The style can match yours and because of the name recognition you will be on your way to looking professional.

GP Percussion GP100 5-Piece 3 Stands Black Drum Set

Talk about drumming with style for one of the lowest prices in the industry. This drum set is intended for the medium experience drummer, though when adding extras it could be used by experts. As a drummer you may know that one of the biggest issues with drum sets is durability, and GP has that. They can be used by the heaviest rock drummer and you will find little wear. The set does look a little different because of its size, but different in this case is not bad and the sound quality of the percussion is as good as you will get in the price range.

Yamaha DTX900K Electronic Drum Kit

If you are a drummer who is ready to break out the big boys then Yamaha has the drum set for you. The Yamaha DTX900K Electronic Drum Kit is everything that you want in a drum set and more. As it is always the case with Yamaha and musical instruments they exceeded the expectations. The DTX900K has top of the line electronic technology and the professional sounds make your drumming hard to beat. A lot of professional and experienced drummers will hesitate when switching to electronic drumming, but this set will make a believer of any drummer.

Roland TD-12KX V-Stage Series V-Drums Set

Why should you get the Roland TD-12KX V Stage Series? Well for starters it is a Roland and they have been doing top of the line drumming long enough that you can bet you will get what you pay for. The TD-12KX V will give you bigger pads and hardware that will not let you down. Its hardware is some of the strongest in the industry, and the look and feel of the drum set is as natural as it gets. The 12 drum module makes it a drummers dream. The setup feels so great and even though it is not as big as other drum sets the performance delivers. The set itself includes everything that an expert drummer could ask for although add-ons are available.

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